Will Smith

1000 Kisses – Will Smith

Ha ha
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ha ha
Yo yo
A one two a one two

I-I-I-I woke up this morning
Looked at ya picture
Think about when I’m a get wit’cha
Hit ya on the two-way simply to say I gotta see you today
They say love is a gamble and if so, I’m the Bilagio I can’t lose
And I guess that make you the mirage
Wait you more exotic than that you like the Taj Mahal momma
You a treasure to me life with you is a plesure to me
And I’m a make sure no man ever measure to me
Like Run and D you and me are together forever
I got an interview to do (whoo)
Then to the plane, that too (whoo)
Uh wear that black dress boo (whoo)
Then close your eyes and open your heart and I’m a give you

All my love
A thousand kisses from you is never to much
All my love
Never too much never too much never too much
Uh huh uh huh
And I just don’t wanna stop
Never too much mever too much

Woke up this morning to invite and couldn’t (?) write you
I licked your back and then kissed three little kids that look just like you
Love is magic and it’s plain and sometimes it just happens
Saw your picture your so surly boy you keep my laughing
We’ve got a photo shoot can’t concentrate my mind is roamin’
Because it’s 4 o’clock and at 5:15 you are comin’ home and
You know my heart you know my thoughts so ruffneck yet you’re tender
The only person ever locked up safe was to surrender

All my love (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
A thousand kisses from you is never to much
All my love
Never too much never too much never too much
Uh huh uh huh
Cause I just don’t wanna stop
Never too much mever too much

The way you walk wanna make me say (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The way you let me make you wanna make me say (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Girl the way you look wanna make me say (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Just so you all wanna make me say (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Yo yo me and more it’s like a Pichasso painted your ora
It’s like Beehtoven composed your vocal tones
Wrote band inspired hand sculpted you the desire of man (uh)
Michel Angelo grieves inside you
Seeds of my wildest dreams fertilized in your eyes
Your compationate and your passion is how you ration it
That makes me swear you was trained how to take me there
Rarely I seen faith be fared
We got a stroke of grace
Remember you was countin me out?
It’s crazy we had times of doubt right?
And since the dawn of time written history
Better men better poet than me
Have tried to set verse to the love they knew
Dead to words judge what I do when I give you

A thousand kisses from you is never to much
All my love
Never too much never too much never too much
Uh huh uh huh
And I just don’t wanna stop
Never too much mever too much

Big Will
Lil’ Jaden
Ha ha
All my love
Everything I got baby

Jaden: Mommy I love you
Jada: Aww I love you sweetie
Jaden: I love you too. All the way to the moon
Jada: I love you to the moon
Jaden: Huh?

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Yes Yes Y’All – Will Smith

at the start of the new jiggyness
with the Trackmasters
Camp Lo and
gon’ give it to ya
know what I mean
lot of macoronis here
check it out for all the
ah ha ha
like chatchy and joni

lights camera action
the hip-hop attraction
Fresh Priggy
John Bliggy
player haters been hatin’ all my playin’ for years
now they seein’ they worst fears as I bathe in cheers
parades and accolades
all shades and ages
it’s me the outrageous
my zeal contageous
the smile inspirator
Aspen to Grenada
one of the only mc’s to say cheese with Scharwtzenegger
everywhere I go they know me
Planet Hollywood in Paris accidently spilt a drink upon they ??
truth of the matter I’ve been loungin’
livin’ it up givin’ it up
in monopulate surrondings
been around the world and I-yi-yi
ain’t seen enough of this fly-yi-yi
my attitude pervasive
my effervensence
bringing you back to the essence
with the…

yes yes y’all
and ya don’t stop
mic check y’all
and ya don’t quit
repeat 2X

verse two
’bout to slay you worst than the first verse
packin’ my purse but yo without one curse
I survive in rarified air where only few can live
thoughts in my brain like that train in the fugitive
I pledge allegiance to the soul of the game
stepped away as Fresh Prince came back with my real name
a rose by any other still beautifies the room
so don’t get consumed when a brother’s known to gloom
it’s amantics but yo it’s really good to be back
never racing the rap just lacing the track
not sarendipadee with me it was a plan b
’bout to have an oscar standin’ next to my grammiesss
plural mucho no need to talk though
I’m a just do so
I’m comin’ at ya with the smoothest slickness
behold the style lick of this kickin’…


a GQ cover twice
this brother’s nice
vanity fair you saw me there
I discovered life
outside of rap got the cream and all that
but kinda left a void in me
you can’t keep runnin’ in and out of my life
said my mic
pump your radio you could record
as they place my welcome mat at the music awards
coming throgh America tinted in high beams
rose petals at my feet like I’m Prince Akeem
so to all you player haters while y’all sayin’ y’all rhyme
please stop sayin’ Jada cause that name’s mine
I rocked the Philly fade with the divin’ waves
yes yallin’ till I’m bald like Issac Hayes
bad eyes or greys back pain or bad legs
I’m a get better with age trust


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La Fiesta – Will Smith

Mic check, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic
Uh gimme more heat
Uh gimme more heat
Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah

1 – Everybody in the front now (whoot, whoot)
Everybody in the back now (whoot, whoot)
Everybody on the side now (whoot, whoot)
La fiesta (whoot, whoot)
All the ladies in da house now (whoot, whoot)
All the fellas in da house now (whoot, whoot)
Everybody in the house now (whoot, whoot)
La fiesta (whoot, whoot)

If I approach you correctly
And step up to you respectfully
Will you please ma’am bless me with the next dance?
I don’t intend to offend you
I only intend to befriend you
But you’re willing me, thrilling me, killing me
With those hot pants, not a chance
I’mma let you go without saying something
A little hotter in the bottom mama that’s all that I’m wanting
No frontin’ if it is illegal for you to be that fine
I be McGruff mama taking a bite out of crime
Literally, first it’ll be dancing with me
Then it’ll be dinner with me
Then it’ll be back to my crib
Hold up, I’m about to get ahead of myself
And I’m playing myself
The type of brother that when I’m thinking of stuff
I’m saying the stuff
My bad, back it up let’s start with a dance
On good behavior, maybe later
Maybe your apartment, your pad
Sike, joke, walking a tight rope
My foot in my mouth
Look, all I hope is that you’ll dance with me
What’s up?

Repeat 1

She was smiling I was kind wiling
Thinking I was dialin’ in
She gave me the impression that she was getting my message
So I’m testing
I through it out there ?Let me buy you a drink’
Cause when I buy you I think it’d be fly if we link
What’cha think?
She responded with a grin and a glance
Then my eyes tried to seduce her to the forbidden dance
The body of a Latin goddess, sexy but modest
The hottest mami chula from Cuba, a cutie with promise
The other night I seen her dancing
Duty was over
She did a split into a spin
And put her leg on his shoulder
And he was over
If that was me and I was he
We’d probably still be dancing
Mami can you feel me?
Still she said nothing
Why she be fronting?
Never seen another mami move like you
Groove like you
I’m saying I wanna dance with you
What’s up?

Repeat 1

To me when I’m dancing it’s aphrodisiatic
It’s automatic that I look in your eyes to help fantasize
Some people dance socially not emotionally
Closer to me, come on close as you can be
(Can you feel me?)
Come on mama cut me no slack
(Can you feel me?)
Come on mama forward and back
(Can you feel me?)
Come on mama as hard as you can
It’s part of the plan
It happens when you start with the man
On your mark, ready set, baby let’s go
Baby let’s flow, baby let go
Baby no, no, gotta a lot more
Lettin’ it rip, gimme some of that
*girl yells*
Yeah that’s it
Sweatin’ with me, getting it wetter with me
It’s better with me
Gain it, other girls I dated ain’t famous
So take it or leave it
Just the way that I eat it
I bring, I swing it
So you like that?
Tell me what’s up

Repeat 1 till end

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Jaden’s Interlude – Will Smith

Jada: What are you doing?
Jaden: I’m just looking over there
Jada: You looking over there?
Jaden: Yeah I’m just looking at the piano
Will: You ready to come out yet?
Jaden: No
Will: You cool? You chillin’?
Jaden: Mmm hmm
Will: It’s all good?
Jaden: Yeah
Will: You gonna be quiet when mommy is singing?
Jaden: Yeah
Will: You can talk right now though
Jaden: OK. How you gonna warm up?
Jada: (clears throat) Well hopefully if I keep doing it enough I’ll get it right
Jaden: Mom can I have some microphones? Can I have some earphones on?
Jada: Uuuhhhmmm Will? I don’t know if they have extra, can Jaden have earphones? (laughs) (door closes) Oh there you go Jaden
Jaden: OK
Jada: You can hear me?
Jaden: Yeaaaahhhh
Jada: OK
Jaden: Can I talk to my daddy?
Jada: Daddy can hear you
Jaden: Hi daddy, what’s up?
Will (faded): Can you hear me?
Jaden: Yeah. Wooooow
Jada: But when the music starts you have to be quiet
Jaden: K

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