7 Days A Week – LiL Italy

(Lil Italy)
7 dayz a week ya heard me?

Take one day at a time
Don’t try to rush the way thangs moving
That’s when you out of line
With your mortal mind
Why do you proceed to play the game
When these hard workin folks just trying to maintain
I don’t think it’s funny na-na it ain’t funny
7 dayz a week trying to make me some money
On top of that I got two new mouths to feed
And I wish you’d grow fast to bring you up to my speed
Put yourself in my place
If you were in shoes what kind of choices would you make
Trying to explain to the cops and throw them in the lake
It was a mistake
But yes indeed
Tell my story to the judge and hope that he believe

Chorus 2x’s
7 dayz a week making money (making money)
7 dayz a week it ain’t funny
7 dayz a week making money (it ain’t easy)
Mo money mo money mo money mo money

I founf myself before the judge and he ain’t showing no love
He asked for my final remark I gave my lawyer a nudge
It’s respect that ? ?? ? even though I’m a thug
Quick to slap the cuffs on me and sweep me under a rug
It all happened so fast under a week
I think it was a setup what do you think
It all wreaks don’t even blink
Now what you say
Cuz you’ll be floating down a river headed up shit creek
without a paddle and I got bills to pay
And it’s a struggle trying to amke through the whole seventh day

chorus 2x’s

So passed by the dozen and cooked up cream for your cousin
Hell a quick 2 jump back in cuz you really though I wasn’t
Monday to monday all business no fun day
Trying to stop these vessels like driving down a one way
Make men get snipped over the right price
And it’s over 7 digits well whoever you like
We don’t play no dog never no mitts
So while you out there chasing cheddar tell me how does it get

chorus 2x’s

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