Walk Away – Black Sabbath

Lord she’s handsome as she flows across the floor
Nothing I’ve seen in my life has ever pleased me more
She’s got the look of freedom, and it makes you think she’s wild
But I can see right through it all, it’s the way to have a child

Oh, walk away
She’s looking to love you
There’s nothing to say
Just turn your head and walk away, walk away

She moves in sunlight
Never seen the night at all
And like a star in the midnight sky
Burns before it falls
I’ve never been lonely and I can’t imagine why
Maybe she could be the one to tell me
I guess it’s do or die
Can’t see her fire
But I can feel her heart, all right!
It’s rising higher
I’m walking the wire

Walk on by!

You’ll feel her fire, she’ll lift you higher
But don’t be fooled! just turn your head and walk away!

Author: admin on October 7, 2013
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