Black Sabbath

A National Acrobat – Black Sabbath

I am the world that hides the universal secret of all time
Destruction of the empty spaces is my one and only crime
I’ve lived a thousand times
I found out what it means to be believed
The thoughts and images, the unborn child that never was conceived

When little worlds collide
I’m trapped inside my embryonic cell
And flashing memories
Are cast into the never-ending well
The name that scorns the face
The child that never sees the cause of man
The deathly darkness that
Belies the fate of those who never ran

Well I know its hard for you to know the reason why
And I know you’ll understand more when it’s time to die

Don’t believe the life you have will be the only one
You have to let your body sleep to let your soul live on

Love has given life to you and now it’s your concern
Unseen eyes of inner life will make your soul return
Still I look but not to touch
The seeds of life are sown
Curtain of the future falls
The secret stays unknown

Just remember love is life
And hate is living death
Treat your life for what it’s worth
And live for every breath
Looking back I’ve lived and learned
But now I’m wondering
Here I wait and only guess
What this next life will bring

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A Hard Road – Black Sabbath

Old men crying, young men dying,
World still turns as father time
Looks on
On and on,
Children playing, dreamers praying,
Laughter turns to tears
Love has gone, has it gone?
Oh, it’s a hard road
Oh, it’s a hard road

Poets yearning, lovers learning,
On this path of life we pass along
Is it wrong?
Widows weeping, babies sleeping,
Life becomes the singer and the song
Sing along

Oh, it’s a hard road
Carry your own load

Why make the hard road?
Why can’t we be friends?
No need to hurry
We’ll meet in the end

Why make the hard road?
Why can’t we be friends?
No need to worry
Let’s sing it again

Brother’s sharing, mother’s caring,
Nighttime falling victim to the dawn
Shadows mourn,
Days are falling, time is calling
To the Earth another life is born
Love line drawn

Oh, it’s a hard road
Carry your own load

Oh, it’s a hard road…
We’re living in sorrow
We’re living the best
And look to the future
‘Cause life goes together now…

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Walk Away – Black Sabbath

Lord she’s handsome as she flows across the floor
Nothing I’ve seen in my life has ever pleased me more
She’s got the look of freedom, and it makes you think she’s wild
But I can see right through it all, it’s the way to have a child

Oh, walk away
She’s looking to love you
There’s nothing to say
Just turn your head and walk away, walk away

She moves in sunlight
Never seen the night at all
And like a star in the midnight sky
Burns before it falls
I’ve never been lonely and I can’t imagine why
Maybe she could be the one to tell me
I guess it’s do or die
Can’t see her fire
But I can feel her heart, all right!
It’s rising higher
I’m walking the wire

Walk on by!

You’ll feel her fire, she’ll lift you higher
But don’t be fooled! just turn your head and walk away!

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N.I.B. – Black Sabbath

Some people say my love cannot be true
Please believe me, my love, and I’ll show you
I will give you those things you thought unreal
The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal

Follow me now and you will not regret
Living the life you led before we met
You are the first to have this love of mine
Forever with me ’till the end of time

Your love for me has just got to be real
Before you know the way I’m going to feel

I’m going to feel
I’m going to feel

Now I have you with me, under my power
Our love grows stronger now with every hour
Look into my eyes, you’ll see who I am
My name is Lucifer, please take my hand

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Keep It Warm – Black Sabbath

Sweet woman are you feeling right?
What was it that you did last night?
You made me crazy you made me fly
I can’t forget the hungry look in your eye
Ooh what’s the matter with me
I’m just a runner I was born free
But since I met you I can’t leave you alone
I’m leaving now but I’ll be coming home

Keep it warm at the place by your side
Nobody’s gonna take away our magical ride
Keep it warm for when we talk on the phone
Don’t forget will you pretty one
That your man is coming home

D’you hear the rumor that is going around
Say I’m ruined ‘cos I’m settled down
It’s not true well maybe half and half
You know I love you but I still like a laugh
Ooh I’m feeling fine
I got it right for the first time
Sweet woman I can’t stay for long
But everybody will be proved wrong

I’m like a gypsy, I need to roam
But don’t worry, I’ll be coming home
I need the danger I need the thrill
I need to know what is over each hill
Ooh I’m a different man
I’m still running but you understand
Since I met you I can’t leave you alone
I’m leaving now but I’ll be coming home

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I – Black Sabbath

I am anger
Under pressure
Lost it cages
A prisoner
The first to escape

I am wicked
I am legion
Strength in numbers
A lie
The number is one

I – I – I
Everything that I see is for me

Yes, I am giant
I’m a monster
Breaking windows
In houses
Buildings of glass
Rebel rebel
Holy outlaw
Ride together
Don’t try it
The power’s in one

I – I – I
I am standing alone
But I can rock you
I – I – I
On the edge of the blade
But the knife can’t cut the hero down

I am virgin
I’m a whore
Giving nothing
The taker
The maker of war
I’ll smash your face in
But with a smile
All together
You’ll never
Be stronger than me

I – I – I
Right here on my own
But I still rock you
I – I – I
Don’t follow behind
Just leave me on the outside
I – I – I
I am standing alone
But I can shock you
I – I – I
On the edge of the blade
But no one makes the hero bleed

I am hunger
Feed my head
All together
You’ll never
Never make the hero bleed

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