Viking Heart – Jane Siberry

Can you see who it might be?
Tell old man to ring the bell
Climb the steps up from the sea
Strange and dark and very tall

Can you see who it might be?
Visitors – they are so few
Head so proud but curls so free
Looks like someone I once knew

David – of the Viking heart
Glitter of the sea
It couldn’t
It wouldn’t
It daren’t be

The men they see him up the coast
At the drinking house of Morley Arms
Hails the sea with every toast
and he hails the ladies with his charms

All the ladies he does love
Each day I saw his bosom swell
He’s not like me – I love but one
And I love that one and I know him well

Ah – but all the love
In the world was not enough
So I couldn’t
I wouldn’t
I daren’t say no

David – how you made me feel
Every crack in every wall
Climb above the traps of man
Shout above the sirens call

But now the siren’s all you hear
Shamed and dizzy you can’t stop
All the things we used to fear
Are you spinning – little top?

The strangeness of it all
Is you know yourself so well
But you couldn’t
You wouldn’t
You daren’t say no

Signs of you – they disappeared
Poems and candles – I don’t need
Flowers that you brought to me
Fell into a book I never read

I cut my hair off like a man
Too much trouble and what’s more
It was tarnished by your hand
Gone my hair…into a drawer

I said – should you leave?
and you – you just agreed
so we couldn’t
we wouldn’t
we daren’t say no

now I have been a woman true
taking all that life does send
I thought I could love just you
but the heart does sway and the body does bend

tales of you sometimes they come
I smile and nod quite naturally
my thoughts so rarely to you run
I watch the glitter of the sea


can you see who it might be?
tell old man to ring the bell
climb the steps up from the sea
I cannot see – I know him well

David of the Viking heart
glitter of the sea
it couldn’t
it wouldn’t
it daren’t be

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