Ventilate – Swollen Members F/ DJ Babu

[ ‘MC’: Mad Child, ‘Pre’: Prevail ]

( *DJ Babu cuts up* )
“Swollen Members”

[MC] Man, I can’t believe I have to go through all of this again
I gave you your position [Pre] What, I thought we were friends?!
I didn’t ask, you offered, you’re short-tempered and demanding
It’s my energy on stage that makes our show so outstanding
[MC] Look, when we first hooked up, my first thought was you’re a pansy
You couldn’t rap on beat, you little four-eyed geek
[Pre] Yeah? And at the club there’s a reason we don’t hang out that much
You’re double-fisted with two Heinekens actin like a lush
[MC] That’s better than a leech, I tried to teach you to be tough
I guess it’s hard to squeeze strength out of a cream puff
[Pre] Oh you’re rough? [MC] Yeah, that’s right [Pre] Hey, let me pass you a pen
So you can fill an application at the Hair Club for Men

[ CHORUS (2X) ]
[MC] I meant everything I said [Pre] Everything I said I meant
[both] When there’s much on the line, yo, there’s times you gotta vent
[both] We’re magnificient together, it’s a perfect combination

[Pre] Man, you know how many times I’ve had to swallow my pride?
Put my feelings aside so that we wouldn’t collide?
[MC] I know I’m hard to get along with and much harder to work for
But I’m breakin my back while you’re hangin out at the bookstore
[Pre] Yeah, but when I’m there I’m readin Icarus, kinetics in English
So when we make songs at least our music sounds distinguished
[MC] Come on man, I made this happen, you don’t appreciate shit
[Pre] Yeah? [MC] I’m the one who hustled, yo, you never put in one cent
You’re dead-set in your ways, your stubborness [Pre] What?
[MC] How you think we got this far, it didn’t happen from luck
[Pre] If I had a buck for every kid I battled and slayed
I’d had enough to start my own [edited] record label anyway

[ CHORUS (2X) ]

[MC] I hope you realize these songs weren’t made for free [Pre] Man, I know
But once the cash comes back you can recoup your dough
[MC] Yeah bro, but you ain’t even signed a contract [Pre] No, that’s wack
[MC] I could get stabbed in the back [Pre] You should know better than that
[MC] Well, it’s frustrating to me, I got a lot on my plate
[Pre] Well, you’re the one who put it there, I thought we already ate
[MC] Alright look, where was I back three years ago? [Pre] Mininum wage?
[MC] That’s right, and where we at now? [Pre] Yeah, different page
[MC] OK, what’s the significance of the point I’m tryin to make?
[both] We sound magnificient together [Pre] so let’s drop this whole debate
(How many states?) [MC] Not many (How many countries?) [Pre] Plenty
(How old are both of y’all?) [both] Let’s just say we’re in our twenties
(How’d you come up with the name Swollen Members?) [both] Drunk at Denny’s
(Any last words?) [both] Step up and you’ll get kicked to the curb
[Pre] We’re strippin your verse, we’re rippin, you’re a [both] victim of words
[both] We’re both putting in work tryin to get what we deserve

[ CHORUS (2X)]

( *DJ Babu cuts up* )
“Spit it”
“…’em, leave em layin on their back” –> Iriscience

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