Run D.M.C. – Faces

In your face, all the time
All in your face when I’m kickin my rhyme
All these faces in front of me
Face to face with Run-D.M.C…

Knuckleheads in my face for a second
But I move the crowd, and I reckon
that a sucker might jump and try to bait
So kill that noise and get out my FACE (punk)
and let a real MC collect dollars
The true crew and few come from Hollis, Queens
and by all means necessary
my vocabulary is very extensive, and expensive
So hard it’ll put you in intensive care
Proceed with caution
Often suckers get lost in the sauce when
faces just start speakin on faces
and leavin traces, other races be mocked
and it sparks a fight, day and night
dark and light – different types of faces

Faces, faces
And everywhere you go you see..
Yeah yeah yeah

Break! As we come back on..
As we come back on..
All in your face, I place this rhyme!
Facin this crew, you’re facin your doom
You got punched in the face
as soon as you heard this tune!

I race at a pace with no shoelaces
to racist faces, placin disgraces
Taste the bass of the racial facial
Disgraceful tasteless racist faces
Get out my face, don’t bass, don’t waste my time
my brother, I’m not color blind
I walk the face of the Earth, face death
face the best and I’ll just
rip flip and trip won’t shut up or let up
Get out my face so we can go head up
(Damn D!) Yo yo yo they don’t understand me
?? when they always try to ban me
Hypin the stereotype of a face
and that’s the problem with the human race
Haste makes waste, don’t trace to other places
We’re all the same but with different faces


Yeah D, and everywhere I go I see faces
Faces sweatin you and they sweatin faces
Around around the world, international faces
Yeah, now bust it

Yo, I took a look in the face of a girlie
The way she looks that Jay must say
somethin bout the way my afro is growin
But is it funky? (YEAH!) Well okay
Is she jockin my ‘fro or my fade?
Do she want me because of my name?
I like the ladies, sweet and serious
not those hoes, that plays, the game
on every Tom Dick and Harry
Shawn Jerry John Nick Curly Moe and Larry
You thinkin you married? Well you CRAZY
my baby you won’t carry
Cause I like a girl that’s low-key
That’s how it’s gotta be to be with me
And I’ll take her to all the exotic places
The name of this jam is called FACES
Yeah.. so many faces..
and everywhere I go I see faces
and everywhere you go you see, the faces
International faces, I’m a Afro and I’m outta here..

[ad libs to fade]Check out more Lyrics from Run D.M.C.. 
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Author: admin on March 26, 2012
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