Jacky Don Tucker – Toby Keith

Jacky Don Tucker was my daddy’s little brother
And at seventeen he jumped the fence
He joined a rock ‘n roll band, got a tattoo on his hand
Granny said he never had a lick of sense
‘Cause by the time he turned seven he was a stealin’ watermelons
Playin’ house with the girl next door
Drinkin’ muscadine wine by the time he was nine
Sneakin’ out and smokin’ cigarettes under the porch

He was a melon stealin’, cop-a-feelin’, daredevil fool
A do-it-anywayin’, playin’ hooky from school
A water tower poet, class of ’73
He’d say by God you better know it if you’re runnin’ with me
‘Cause I’m a skinny dippin’ finger flippin’ song of a gun
Play by the rules, you gonna miss all the fun

He was always drag racin’ and he kept the sheriff chasin’
But they never caught ole Jacky Don
‘Cause he was nobody’s fool, the definition of cool
He even cut a donut on the courthouse lawn
He created quite a scandal that the locals couldn’t handle
When he took up with the preacher’s baby girl
They bought a new double wide and on their wedding night
Aunt Jenny went to rockin’ Uncle Jacky Don’s world

Repeat Chorus

Play by the rules, you’re gonna miss all the fun
Play by the rules, you’re gonna miss all the fun

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