A Matter Of Trust – The Darins

I sense you’re feeling down
Trying to fight the fight on your own
You can’t seem to find your way around it
Well you were never meant to make it alone
You’ve been wondering why you can’t understand it
Circumstances don’t match your point of view
When we want to find the way that God’s planned it
There’s only one thing we need to do

Give it up, just let go
Let God have the control of your life
You will see, He can move mountains
If you have the faith to believe
Yes it’s true, He will carry you through
When your heart’s not strong enough
It’s only a matter of trust

Don’t be afraid to relinquish
If we rely on ourselves we will lose
‘Cuz when we can’t put together the pieces
There’s only one thing we need to do

(Repeat Chorus)

He wants you to know He’s your everything
Even when you can’t see what’s ahead
Just believe that He’ll never leave you on your own
You’ve got to know that it’s a matter of trust

(Repeat Chorus)

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