The Darins

A Matter Of Trust – The Darins

I sense you’re feeling down
Trying to fight the fight on your own
You can’t seem to find your way around it
Well you were never meant to make it alone
You’ve been wondering why you can’t understand it
Circumstances don’t match your point of view
When we want to find the way that God’s planned it
There’s only one thing we need to do

Give it up, just let go
Let God have the control of your life
You will see, He can move mountains
If you have the faith to believe
Yes it’s true, He will carry you through
When your heart’s not strong enough
It’s only a matter of trust

Don’t be afraid to relinquish
If we rely on ourselves we will lose
‘Cuz when we can’t put together the pieces
There’s only one thing we need to do

(Repeat Chorus)

He wants you to know He’s your everything
Even when you can’t see what’s ahead
Just believe that He’ll never leave you on your own
You’ve got to know that it’s a matter of trust

(Repeat Chorus)

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Take Me By The Hand – The Darins

I get these attacks where I just refuse
To pick myself up and carry on
I stop in my tracks, I shake in my shoes
My courage is gone, then I hear You say

Take Me by the hand, let Me lead you up
To a place
Where all of your tears subside
Take Me by the hand, let Me lead you out
Of this valley over to the other side

(and we’ll walk together)

As a general rule I try to stay real
I like to avoid all the big clich?s
But when totally cool is not how I feel
And I’m lost in a haze, I need to hear
You say

Let Me take your pain
Let Me throw your sin into the sea
Let Me hide the awful things
You’ve built
Turn it all over to Me

I can take it, I can break it
I can make it better than it was before



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Take Me – The Darins

Here in this world
It doesn’t take long to discover the pain
I know all about
The heartache that comes with enduring the strain
But there you are holding the innocence
That I used to know
I’m longing to live in your holiness
Safe and sound, I’m letting go

Take my hand
Take my heart
Take me into your arms where forever is waiting to start
Turning me into every dimension of you I am able to be
Here I am, reaching out, will you please
Take me, Take me

Take me through life
Take me to people that you want me near
Walking with me
Holding my soul through the laughter and tears
Take me to where I am knowing you
in the deepest way
And one day when you say my work is done
My time has come, you’ll hear me say

(Repeat Chorus)

Lord, give me a heart you can use
I will be reaching for you

(Repeat Chorus)

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Samaritan Way – The Darins

Are you the one
Who’s lonely inside
Coming undone
And wondering why?
You need someone
Who will look past the pain
Who will love you anyway

Around we go
In circles of fear
This world is cold
Too few of us care
Can we control
The mess that we’re in
When we don’t know where to begin?
It’s time to start all over again

When you call on me I’ll always be there
To pass a friend in need just doesn’t seem fair
We’ll realize that there’s no sense in running away
To love the Good Samaritan way

I know it’s tough
It seems hope is gone
It’s not enough
To simply move on
I’ll show you love
When you are hurting inside
I’ll stay here through the night
While the others pass on by

(Repeat Chorus)

You are not alone
Even when the nights grow so cold
Everywhere you go
I’ll be forever a friend
(I’ll be the Good Samaritan)

(Repeat Chorus)

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