Calhoun Square – Prince

Listenin’ 2 the drummer but U still wanna have fun
It shouldn’t be work
2, 3, baby

I don’t like this much 2 drink, I was there
I know right now it’s hard 2 think, I don’t care
But it’s time 4 U and me 2 wonder why we’re here
Maybe we should roll 2 the rock and rumble Calhoun Square
(Let’s roll)

Meet me there if U dare
Calhoun Square

It don’t matter clothes U’re wearin’ or your hair
If U’re freaky, they don’t care and they don’t stare
(Ain’t nobody lookin’ at U)
All that matters if U’re happy and if U’re there (Are U there?)
Don’t U wanna roll 2 the rock and rumble Calhoun Square?
(Don’t U wanna?)


Walk through veils of many colors if U dare (Do U dare?)
Jasmine, peach and love 4 others in the air
(It’s all in the air)
Don’t be shocked 2 see your mother in the chair (Sit down, baby)
Everybody roll 2 the rock and rumble Calhoun Square (Oh Lord)

Oh, come on!
Oh Lord
Hear me now

Calhoun Square {x4}


Author: admin on March 19, 2012
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