50 Candles – Boyz II Men

It’s gettin’ kinda dark already, should I light ‘um?

Hey baby I’m ready, I’m oh so ready
I wanna make love to you, hey
Take ’em off, throw ’em down
Come here and let me feel what’s in front of me

The outside world is of no concern
Just let our bodies and the candles in the room burn
With feverish passion uncontained

Feels like one of those nights
Lady, I’m in need of love in a hurry
50 candles burn bright
And all is right, as our bodies unite
Take our time, do it right

Give me your hand touch me right here
Oh so good want it more and more
Each moment your fingers linger all around
As I kiss you in the place
Where your composure comes undone
And your mind runs

We’ll make love ’til the sun completely rises
Come play with me
Let me be the toy
That fulfills your needs
‘Cause I’m yours tonight and you’re all mine, roll with me

Don’t be afraid let the feeling take you away
To a world of ecstasy
Where all you got to do is be free
And give your all and all


Come and get this, waited all my life for your touch and soft kiss
And life will never be the same, while ya moan and groan
I hear your voice call my name
Holding your body like a plastic molding
Your soul I’ll be controlling
As the candles burn, we toss and turn
From night to day, all our pleasures we learn
Come and play with me tonight’s our night baby,
50 candles burn bright
Come and roll with me
Make love to me
Hold on tight
It’s going to be a bumpy ride


Author: admin on October 19, 2013
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