40 Bars (Remix) – Allen Iverson

jewelz time
jewelz time

(I dont know who this is)

For the year 2G the rap game changed for one nation
jewelz name is slayin anything on this plain
remains have found one of the best kept secrets ya heated
you went platinum when it goes right
so in the game you won you cheated
my slang bangin ya need it
man enough to pull a gun, be man enough to squeeze it
(shots fired)
die if ya dont believe it
anything to do with ___ im gonna be with it
hats off to the hardcore niggas, fuck the rest
for my guess youre all useless, just talkin music
never mistake me for a fake MC
you got the wrong guy (fuck you)
they call him CT (fool)
get murdered in a second in the first degree
come at me with faggot tendacies, youll be sleepin where the maggots be
aint nothin count it, used to be factually
but when its on I raise first automatically
wont catch me as a victim in a rap casulty (c’mon)
Dynasty raiders hit VA in the summer time (what)
ten bentlys in one line
gas in each hand 24 5s in mine
snipers hittin niggas long distance for a rate
sons and daughters
one order and you’ll be floatin in water
bad newz home of the dynasty raiders
one love to the old school niggas
dead in the jail that tried to raise us
even the ones who tried to blaze us
but couldnt even graze us
so them bitch ass niggas y’all killin dont amaze us
im floppin im spittin…..

hey yo
this my record jewelz
representin bad newz
hey yo my homies set that shit

Iverson (aka Jewelz)
everybody stay fly gettin money to kill and fuck bitches
im hittin anything in plain veiw for my riches
VA’s finest fillin up ditches when niggas turn bitches
dyin for zero digits
im a giant y’all admit it
I know niggas who kill for a fee that’ll kill your ass for free
believe me, how you wanna die fast or slowly
fast as a rolley, slow as a rolley – polley
i bought your shit it was weak
trashed it
now you owe me
all them hardcore niggas know me
i dont knockin them, just gonna bust up in a muthafucka
takin anything thats rightfully mine
plus AK rifels and knives
for Z cru thik designs
with jewelz to shine all the time
aint nothin sweet about this rate of mistake
I got niggas where you eat shit sleep and beat ya meat
die reachin for heat
even leakin in the street
niggas screamin he was a good boy since he was born
but fuck it he gone
life must go on
niggas dont live that long
but hoes in wigs when niggas think theyre head strong
got niggas hollerin with jewelz dead wrong on this song
this type of murder dont need no hook
just 40 fuckin bars from the mouth of a crook

(gun being cocked and fired)

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