28. Karl Marx Never Made The Squad – Chumbawamba

There’s entertainment
There’s politics
There’s popular culture
There’s dialectics
But never the twain shall meet
Never the twain shall meet
This is a myth, propagated by the bourgeois wordsmiths
Who never put a ball in the back of the net
Who never padded up or picked up a bat
Who never spent an afternoon watching their sport
Never saw the bosses quietly taking over
Never saw the stadiums, terraces, arenas
Bought off, remodeled by G plan designers
Sold off and ripped off by company directors
All these so called “revolutionaries”
Who are too busy with the uprising to see what’s going on
Will be shocked to discover that at this very moment
Ron Pickering is preparing a crack squad of Proles
Too liberate our sport from its capitalist oppressors
In tracksuits and trainers, the rising of the masses!

Author: admin on October 19, 2013
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