24 Hours – 10cc

Here on the street
Feeling the cool of the dawn
Shuffling feet
Faces are ragged and worn
They’ve been working all night
Waiting for the curtain to rise
While you’re under the sheets
You with the stars in your eyes
Letter box noise
Snapping the day into life
Newspaper boys
Cutting the mist like a knife
We’re beginning to rise
Curtain up the drama begins
It’s the start of the race
All of us wanting to win
People rushing shouting pushing
Got no time for conversation
Inner city population
The struggle for communication
People trying pressure rising
Hook and hustle flex your muscle
It’s all part of living
Do you wanna get away
Restaurant smells
Mix in the heat of the day
Telephone bells
Kissogram girls on her way
Someone’s thinking of you
Birthday boy is in for a treat
And the message is clear
Once a year life can be sweet
Caught in a flash
Cover girl freezes her smile
Media trash
Blinding the crowd with such style
It’s a dazzling affair
A fantasy to star in your dreams
Do you want to believe
Everyone knows what they’ve seen
Twilight time in the city
And the shutters are down
That’s when the singles are lost in their doubles
The happy hour comes round
To help you unwind in the shadows
Takes the tension away
It’s been a hell of a day in the city
Now it’s your time to play
Living under pressure
Do you wanna buy a dream?
I say Phil can you get it he say
Alright alright alright
Tell me when can I get it he say
Tonight tonight tonight
I want money on delivery hey
That’s right that’s right that’s right
I say baby don’t you trust me he say
The city’s a jungle where the strongest survive
Neonic heat
Flooding the darkness with light
The capitol beats
Feeding the pulse of the night
It’s the music of life
Listen to the sound of the crowd
Where the rhythm’s so strong
And the music is playing so loud
Where the rhythm’s so strong
And the music is playing so….

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