100 Dollar Bag – Beenie Man

Yah, anyway, wo na na
High grade
Good fi nerves
Hundred dollar bag
Tell dem all about
just me argument

yow, yow
When you see me inna di dance
Me an goofy a trod
inna mi scandal bag me have
Hundred dollar bag
When you see mi inna di dance
Mi an kiki a par
An you ask a where mi have
Hundred dollar bag
You see di car where mi drive
An di house where mi have
An dem ask mi how mi get it
Hundred dollar bag
An nuff night mi a bleach
And di teacher come fi teach
And mi tell di youth dem fi buy
Hundred dollar bag

Policeman ?
Why mi fadda deya bush a press di seargant wid
Legalize it, dem ‘ave di permit fi green
But di bigga heads dem a sell di weed outa street
Gee, babylon take man fi flee flee
A man fi go a fi sidewalk go buy kiki
Inna face a babylon wan’ brutalize we
Anna di weed a bring di music inna di industry
Through di weed
You know discover Bob Marley
Through di weed
You know discover Tosh and Bunny
Through di weed
You know discover di great Buju B.
Through di weed
You know wok Beenie and Bounty


An a guess mi a guess
Dis is what I believing
Get di sensimilla is di real born healing
When mi smoke di sensi, make mi reach to di ceiling
Mi nah go deal with no stealing
Well, di coke, di crack, di heroine
Dat mi no dealing
An di sensimilla give yah natural feeling
Coke mash dem up an leave di whole a dem screaming
Good sensimilla man burning


Well I will sell di sensimilla on di east side (east side)
Sell di sensimilla on di west side (west side)
Smoke di sensimilla on di north side (north side)
Sell di sensimilla on di south side (South side)
Dis is what di doctor come fi preach cry (preach cry)
Smoke di sensimilla a yah realize (realize)
Den a wan’ fi eye dem fi recognize (recognize)
Organize and centralize and you will be wise (be wise)


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