Uncle Lijiah – Black Oak Arkansas


Oh Uncle Lijiah, Uncle Lijiah
He’s still alive
Oh Uncle Lijiah, Uncle Lijiah
A hundred and five

There was a time early in life
When he gambled to gain
And he carried a knife
And he was winnin’ that very night
He cussed the devil, yes he cussed him good
He swore he’d lick ’em
Yes he swore he could
And he dared him to come to
Him if he would Yeah


It was early in the mornin’
When he got to bed
To rest his weary gamblin’ head
When he heard the angry words
His pappy said
“Lijiah go and fetch some wood!”
He heard his words
And up he stood
Even tho it hurt he knew he should


Outside he heard the rattle of chains
And he ran from someone
He thought insane
As he heard the devil
Callin’ out his name
The devil grabbed his suspenders well
And he trembled
As he felt the hand from hell
And he let out with a hairy yell

He jumped in bed with his
Maw and Paw
And he told ’em that
The devil was in Arkansas
And he told ’em he’d
Quit gamblin’
Or break the law

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