Uncensored – Big Punisher F/ Funkmaster Flex

[Funkmaster Flex]
Yeah baby, you know how we get down
Funkmaster Flex, number one station in the nation
My man Big Pun up in this piece
[Big Punisher]
Big motherfuckin Pun in the house
[Funkmaster Flex]
Pun easy, Pun..
[Big Punisher]
C’mon now it’s me baby, from the Bronx, c’mon
[Funkmaster Flex]
You right, you right, fuck it
[Big Punisher]
Ahh, there we go
[Funkmaster Flex]
So, I mean, since we on the, Pun man, I mean
I’ma be honest with you, I mean, y’know
I know we discussed a lot of things tonight
[Big Punisher]
Tell me you remembered the joints right? Say it
[Funkmaster Flex]
Pun I, I heard you are really, really fuckin
I mean..
[Big Punisher]
Yeah! *both crack up laughing*
No doubt!
[Funkmaster Flex]
I mean Pun, I mean, y’know I mean
I’m hearin, I’m hearin you
I’m hearin, I’m hearin you doin your thing
[Big Punisher]
I’m tryin y’all
I’m tryin man y’know
[Funkmaster Flex]
Ya ya CRUSHIN a lot?
I’m hearin ya, ya know those, those rumors
[Big Punisher]
Get it off your chest, what you got to say?
[Funkmaster Flex]
I’m hearin these rumors man, those rumors is..
[Big Punisher]
A lot of pussy right?
*Flex cracks up*
Tell me the rumors, c’mon *Flex still laughing*
That we the best, what is it?
*Flex laughing* C’mon
Terror Squad got ten million dollar, uh, advance coming?
What is it?
[Funkmaster Flex]
I’m I’m, I’m hearin I’m hearin the girls man
I mean, there’s a lot
[Big Punisher]
The women they love me
They love me, they love me
Biggie gave me a couple of pointers yaknowhatI’msayin?
I gotta use that man, gotta use that, they love that
See you know a few pointers, yaknowhatI’msayin?
I’m sayin give it to me and tell me what Puff’s crew already knew
We’re utilizing that
[Funkmaster Flex]
I’m I’m, I’m hearin you
I’m hearin the, aff aff, you know
That like, a few girls and hearin some more, some stories
of orgies with Terror Squad
[Big Punisher]
We get, we get down
We run trizznain
Say trizznain
[Funkmaster Flex]
[Big Punisher]
Trizznain, we run trizznain
[Funkmaster Flex]
[Big Punisher]
Trizz Nathaniel to you
[Funkmaster Flex]
I’m hearin, I mean, I’m I’m hearin
you and Joe are out at, y’know, out there fuckin
[Big Punisher]
We do our thing
We we’re like, two fuckin wild bears, just
*Flex cracks up ‘Get out of here!’* .. in the woods, naked
It’s a sight, it’s a sight
*Flex crackin up*
Son you can’t look directly at our asses
You’d go blind *Flex crackin up*
But if you glimpse look y’know, you can catch us
[Funkmaster Flex]
I can’t fuckin take it! *gasping for air*
[Big Punisher]
Sent out to Tracy
*Flex laughing and howling*
Easy.. you have to run trizz with us one time
Then you’d know
[Funkmaster Flex] *in a high pitched voice*
I can’t fuck with you! Ohh shit!
Ohhhahaha, yo..

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