The Vandals – Failure Is The Best Revenge

For all those who’ve failed – you will have your day – and you’ll hear them say – “I don’t understand how things went wrong, – I’ve always been great, good-looking and strong” – When they feel like you have all the time – It’s your revenge – FAILURE – I guess that’s life, – failure is the best revenge – Be proud of your flounders – and falter with pride – Fail without shame – cuz you never tried – Don’t bother building a trophy case, – Unless they start handing them out for last place – Be humble because no one is safe – It sneaks right up – FAILURE – Everybody join the club, – Failure is the best revenge – FAILURE – Only one way of doing things right, – but a thousand ways wrong, – so join the fight. – In showing the winners we don’t play their games, – an army of losers – retarded and lame – a chance to unite – cuz we’re all the same – It’s great to be a – FAILURE – Never try – Failure is the best revenge – Avoid mediocrity – and run the other way – Stay at the bottom – you’re welcome to stay – Make them remember you for failure without match – Every defeat is a feather in your cap. – I give a crap – We all belong – FAILURE – One billion strong – FAILURE – come join the club – FAILURE – Never try – Failure is the best revenge. Check out more Lyrics from The Vandals. 
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Author: admin on March 26, 2012
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