Lucky Boys Confusion

50 Of My Closest Friends And A Keg Of Killions (Club Mix) – Lucky Boys Confusion

The radio/dj plays our favorite song it’s what keeps me holding on
Baby do you miss me now that I’m gone

Do you miss me
I remember the day that you told me you wanted to find another man

Now I hear you cry every time we play Arizona Stand

Now I’m standing here with 50 of my friends and a keg of Killians

And you’re at home with your Ani Difranco tapes again

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40/80 – Lucky Boys Confusion

Well, it was Friday night last week we got pulled over with an O
53 and Ogden by a condescending po

Tried to fill his quota book

Stopped us no reason just the way we look

We would not let him search the car he said he’d call his dogs

But we were not worried cause

It was under 30 grams of 40/80 shit

Costly, it was good bud though, I admit

But I don’t wanna be a part of it

I will not give in

We must change from within? the system

They call us hopeless dreamers

They don’t know what we are

Imposing their ancient values

I wonder if they care, I wonder if they care

Then they pulled us out of Cockboy’s Caddy?”Hands on the hood!”

But the piggies didn’t find it cause we hid it so good

Pat down I knew he had a wood

Touching me only where my girl should

Yeah, to fuck with the system you need much wisdom

But first, but first you gotta work with them

Probable cause has definite flaws

It’s up to us to change the laws

Your word against mine is your policy

Now, show me where’s the legality

When you use your authority

To just instill fear in me

What’s up with your power trip?

It was later on that night before they finally let us go

Off to the donut shop and then we blazed half that O

So tough with your fake authority

Some day you’ll learn you?re the same as me

3 To 10 – Lucky Boys Confusion

It’s 3 to 10 the pigs are here
Give me 10 seconds to slam my beers

No wounded soldiers kill them all

The pigs found me in a bathroom stall

They called me an addict, fucking alcoholic

Now I got bread and water, slamming

In a room with padded walls

I was very much alive when I stepped off of the southwest

Thinking about the brew that is cool, cause we keep it in fridge, yes

It’s about six the fix, the fix running

I drop the beat kid you keep it bumping

Suzie’s friends dropping hints, what am I supposed to do

All the rooms are taken and the bitch’s got a curfew

Barely 18 and bro she’s a freak

I think she needs a piece of this 420 Geek

All the rooms are taken, well there’s always the backseat

Keep that caddy rocking, well there’s always the backseat

Let’s take this from the top cause on top’s where I like to be

Let me introduce you to my headboard girly

On the queen size we’re doing our thing

Crack! There goes the boxspring

Mama’s knocking on the door “Who do you got in there?”

“It’s that god damn lucky boy!” Mama just wants to share

I’d have given it to her mom, but daddy-o he had a shotgun

Oh shit, your mama’s knocking, well there’s always the backseat

Officer R. Cappelan treating me like a felon

Don’t make me get crazy on you like Curtis Mellin

Unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor

I bet put down more than you? old timer

They know all about me ain’t that a shame

What’s my claim to fame, my name, my name

To the undercover cop the lowest form of life

They got a warrant, reason to fear

They got a warrant, drop your beer

23 (God Only Knows) – Lucky Boys Confusion

Shut his eyes at 23, god only knows
Doctors say it’s a mystery, god only knows

It’s not your place to be questioning, god only knows

Why I am so shaken

Cross that bridge when the time comes? it’s in my face

Cross that bridge when the time comes? it’s in my face and if that’s the case

Bury me into the ground

Don’t make a scene, no, don’t make a sound

These roads are separated, we’ve thrown out yesterday

But don’t let tomorrow throw this all away

Will his feet again embrace the street, god only knows

Will this infection turn and retreat, god only knows

It’s not your place to be questioning, god only knows

Why I am so broken

Seedlings brainwashed, deprived

Notions that they’ve all contrived

Feel this, yeah, I’m still alive

But I’m barely holding off