Insane Clown Posse

3 Rings – Insane Clown Posse

“Is this on?”

“Gather round my wealthy friends
And endure the horrifying sights
Only your worst nightmares can produce
Actual human beings of a deformed nature
Come at once
And come and enduldge yourself
In our own twisted amusement of
Another’s misfortune
Yes, ladies and gentlemen
Enter our three ring show of freaks”

[Violent J]
Ring one, a dung a dung dung
My name’s Violent J and I staple my tongue
To the desk in school then I run down the hall
Scaring the shit out of all y’all bitches
Which is why you don’t invite mine to your parties
Just cause I don’t look like everybody
I guess they’re bunch of richboys, bitchboys
Scary, bula!
And what’s the big deal about my neck
Just because now and then I like to let it stretch
Up a couple feet to get a better sight
Is that any reason to scream and run in fright
No, so, now how ya gonna act?
So what if I got another arm growing out of my back
I guess I’m just another freak show thing
And now they got me in the three ri-ii-ii-ing

[Chorus (2x)]
Three ring a ding a ding ding
People love to point and stare
Three ring a ding a ding ding
It’s the same as everywhere

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Ring two, how do you do?
I’m Shaggy 2 Dope, chicken-faced bitch, who?
You don’t try to front ho
Try to play me out just cause I’m running with the sideshow
Or maybe it’s the leg growing out my neck
But don’t jet baby, heh, not yet
I’m popping in like a pound of lead
Black n blue, his next roll and drop me on my head
Oh shit, I knew I had to fuck up my circuits
Cuz when I was two my momma left me at the circus
Abandoned at the carnival with the freak shows
Like bad boys, hermaphrodites and old man crow
But then I escaped to the ghetto zone
Started a crew of my own, motherfucker, I’m not alone
So don’t be stickin your finger in my face stank
Or your stomach might receive a shank from the…

[Chorus (2x)]

“I certainly hope your enjoy yourselves
Here at our three ring exhibit
But to be honest I really don’t see
What’s so fucking funny about it
These fucking people are real!”

[Violent J]
Ring three, the ICP
Look if you want but I wouldn’t lay a hand on me
That’s how you get fucked up
We’ll squeeze your windpipe shut
Yo, I’m a nerd word, I drink from the bird
Have Snake woman kick my love to the curb
She busted into my tent, now I’m fucked
Had the fat bearded lady in the buck, uh
Fuck that, bitch, suck that
I was born with a wang but I never had a nut sac
Just two balls hanging with no protection so
I move real careful and slow
You can call me a weirdo, call me a freak
Call me Don Knots cuz I’m getting on it every week, uh
So come see the carnival and threw me your change, bitch
I chill with the three rings


“Well, that’s it
I hope you’re satisfied
I hope you had a good time
You fucking heartless bastards
You saw what you wanted
So grab your fucking kids
And that fat flop of shit wife of yours
And get the fuck out of our circus tent
You cold-hearted sons of bitches
You think they look fucked up
Just wait till I kick your
Fucking lips in a couple times
You’ll be sittin up here like a bitch
And we’ll laughing at your folded ass
They’ll call you lumpy
After I done put knots
All over your fuckin forehead
Yeah, hey, hey little boy, come here
How’d you like it if I tied your neck in a knot
You fucking little bitch
Come here, I’ll shove that
Fucking corn dog up your ass
Get the fuck out of here
Show’s fucking over
Get the fuck out of here
You fucking heartless bastards”

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12 – Insane Clown Posse

Revenge is mine
12 people will die tonight”

[Violent J]
Now I look and then reborn
Though I have just until dawn
I remember every face
Spirits show me every place
First one sleeps inside his bed
Place my fingers on his head
To each temple push and smother
Till my fingers touch each other

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Next one makes love to his wife
Only wish to take his life
For his family’s done no wrong
Place his children on the lawn
Tell the misses, leave the room
Less she wish to witness doom
Grab the squirming filthy goat
And shove the dresser down his throat

[Violent J]
I must quickly use my gift
Next two work the midnight shift
Drinking coffee in the back
I will listen to them chat
Hear them speaking of my death
Hear the laughter in their breath
But the laughter quickly died
When their heads collide

You’re gonna die…

[Violent J]
Now my anger’s growing worse
Next one’s working as a nurse
Have to make a doctor’s call
Drag my body down the hall
Grab a scalple and a blade
Time to play the nurse’s aide
Operate and strap her down
Carve her face into a clown

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Killed another then three more
Now we’re down to only four
This man drives a taxi cab
Another wicked life to grab
Screaming that he’d thought I’d died
Let’s go for a taxi ride
In the wreck of twisted steel
The stearing wheel becomes his meal

[Violent J]
This man watches his TV
Scanning channels endlessly
Stops at station forty-four
It’s the Wicked Clown Show
Watch me juggle, watch me dance
In 3-D watch me enhance
Watch me crawl out from the screen
And squeeze your neck until you’re green

You’re gonna die…


[Violent J]
Even though, there’s just one left
I feel my bones becoming stiff
And now I wonder endlessly
The spirits have abandoned me
My limbs are falling piece by piece
My ears and fingers in the street
But still yet see no morning sun
And here’s my victim’s early run

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Quickly grab him from behind
Round his neck with fishing twine
Keep him still and pull the string
Watch his head go bobbaling
Listen to my riddle song
Even though my crime was wrong
Murder me just for your law
And I’ll be back for all y’all

You’re gonna die…

I’ll be back for all y’all…

Take Me Away – Insane Clown Posse

Welcome to the dark carnival
Violent J, Shaggy2dope, the Insane Clown Posse will live forever
(Live forever) join us (live forever) follow me (live forever)
carnival awaits us (live forever)
Take my hand (live forever) take my hand (live forever)
Shangra La (live forever) live forever (live forever)

Here go another clown song freaky and weird
I’m still preachin’ I’m like Noah without the beard
I’m tryin’a spread the facts that I know for sure
Yet many don’t believe in our carnival freakshow
It’s alright though there’s enough who do
And only time will tell if our stories are true
But for everybody here I can promise you this (What?)
You’ll never hear us rap about the typical bullshit
Bling bling all the money they got
All the ice they wear and all the people they shot (Wohoo)
All the freaks they pull and all the cars they drive (Hehe)
Only we rap about fuckin’ a bee-hive
You wanna keep it real walk out your door
That’s as real as it gets from the sky to the floor (Uh-Huh)
But the Dark Carnival will take your soul away
And give you mythical adventure in a magical way
I live for The Carnival
I die for The Carnival
I pray for The Carnival
Please take me away (take me away)
I love for The Carnival
I die for The Carnival
I pray for The Carnival
Come take me away take me away
Funhouse, freak shows and murder-go-rounds (wooo)
Fuck how you lookin’ paint it up like a clown
Loosen up let it go you ain’t gotta be tense
Faygo flyin’ everywhere fuck makin’ sense (wooo)
And that’s the beauty of it look backstage
Ain’t another group out here on the same page
Run with everybody or walk with our crew (Come on!)
And stand on the moon face the world and say fuck you (Hahaha)
I ain’t sitting out playing that star biz
Put me in the ground where my juggalos is (hey!)
Treat me special I’ma leave your lip drainin’
We in this together waitin’ on the same wagon
Let ’em laugh now let ’em laugh for years (Hahaha)
We’ll see who’s laughin’ in the house of mirrors
Cuz that’s where I’m goin’ and if you’re not
Bump that other shit and hear about the ends they got (hahaha)
I live for, The Carnival
I die for, The Carnival (Yea!)
I pray for, The Carnival (Yea!)
Come take me away (take me away)
I love for, The Carnival,
I die for, The Carnival,
I pray for, The Carnival…
Please take me away (take me away )
Live forever
Take My Hand
Live forever
Live forever
Come take a journey through heaven and hell
See what we have to come, and share the story I tell (Ha!)
Walk hand-in-hand with the devil and God
‘Let ’em pull you in half, purgatory is odd
Fuck newspapers, Fuck magazines (Fuck!)
Fuck A&Rs, and your ball-huggin’ jeans
Fuck anybody tryin’ to change our ways
As long as 6 Joker Cards got somethin’ to say (What?!)
I speak for the crazy I speak for scrubs
I speak for the thugs pissin’ in your hot tubs (hehe)
I speak for the people that you always say don’t know how to act (Shit)
We like ’em just like that (Uh-huh)
Fuck your Grammy’s
fuck your Music Awards
I strangle your host with his microphone cord
Fuck anybody who ain’t down with the clown (Uh-uuh)
From now until millennium’s after I’m dead in the ground

(Chorus X4)
I live for, The Carnival,
I die for, The Carnival,
I pray for, The Carnival…
Come take me away, take me away

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Mad Professor – Insane Clown Posse

(Violent J)
I was never popular, this I’ll admit, fuck school never liked me, Goo!
All the kids would always beat me, until I’m half-dead
Make fun of the size of my forehead
But that shit never bothered me, Mama and Mother
They had a lot of property
They had a science lab in the basement
And that’s where my free ti…well, my time was spent
I made a mouse with a chicken head
It clucked three times: CLUCK, CLUCK, CLUCK!
And then it was dead
I made a lot of things though, like a frog with a turkey neck
gobblegobblegobble, it was the shit (yeah)
But I’m still lonely, I need a homie
So I collected limbs and made a zombie
I could’ve made a girlie friend
But fuck that, I got my girlie right here…yeah!

You can call me Mad Professor
I will make a friend for me
You can call me Mad Professor
We will rule eternity

(Violent J)
I used so many body parts it was crazy
I killed a whole bunch of mother fuckers , like what, eighty?
They all chipped in on my special friend
Everything helps, Even if you got a finger to lend, come on
I hear the other children playing outside
“Keep it down you little bitches, I’ll skin your fucking hides!”
?Stressful?, this part is wack
Some how I gots to attach this nut sack
Shit! Fuck! I’m sawing off an elbow
Looking at the meter I’m like ?Quasar and Ziphalo?
Or better yet look out the fucking window
I see a storms coming, almost time to roll
Screw the head on, come on, come on
It’s the thuggish, ruggish, bone
Okay it’s time, hit the switch, turn it up a hert
Fuck! Shit! Didn’t work


It wasn’t always easy (Hell no!) let me tell ya
But fuck that, cause I ain’t no failure
I put the shit with the ?things? and this with that
Wait a minute…(brrrt) did you hear that?
It’s alive! I just gotta wake it up
Hand me that ?rocky rye? pour it in a cup
It will do exactly…hold up, pause
I ain’t cleaning his draws man, fuck that
Get him fat, get him ready, it’s almost time
Paint his ugly face up just like mine
I see him twitching, I’m on a roll
He can help me tell the whole world about the carnival
Turn the hertz all the way up for this shit
And just wait for that lightning bolt to hit
Did it work? You make the call
Shaggy? (What up, y’all!)

(Chorus) 3X

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Jake Jeckle – Insane Clown Posse

Boom shaka boom (Ha ha ha!)
Boom boom boom
Boom shaka boom (Ha ha ha!)
Boom boom boom

Lllllady’s and gentlemen meet your guardian
Your keepers of morals…hahaha kindness
The path to Shangri-La is led by heeeee led by you, ooh
He is of your positivity
He is of your love
Meet one half of the juggling duo
That is your soul I’m talkin about
Uhhh Jake Jeckel
Jack throw another, Jake catch one more
They’ll try and catch all thats instore for you
How many souls will fall from the sky?
How many souls burned wondering why?
Jack throw another, Jake catch one more
They’ll try and catch all thats instore for you

How many souls will fall from the sky?
How many souls burned wondering why?
Jack throw another, Jake catch one more (How many more…)
They’ll try and catch all thats instore for you
How many souls will fall from the sky?
How many souls burned wondering why?
Jack throw another, Jake catch one more (How many more…)
They’ll try and catch all thats in store for you
How many souls will fall from the sky?
How many souls burned wondering why?

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