Sevendust – Face

Come along with me on an acid trip
I’ll take your mind to a terminal bliss you’re bound and gagged Ha! Ha!
Mother Fuckers laugh
You shouldn’t have stayed with me last night.
Despise the reason, she stayed the night.
I swear she screamed
She said so softly “Rape”

(pain) Days go by they last so long
She’s still tired she wants to go home
I can’t let her get away
I promise one day she’ll pray for me to forgive me for all I’ve done
“It ain’t easy” that’s what she said.

She screamed so softly “Rape Me”
Don’t hesitate “Rape Me”
Don’t hesitate I love the pain I love the pain 3rd verse

Disgusted with myself with all the wrong I’ve done
I can’t imagine It was so much fun
It lasted so long the trip went on and on and on
And then she said to me “remember these words I say to be”
I swear she screamed she screamed so softly Chorus

“Rape me, Don’t hesitate” (fucking disgrace)
I love the painCheck out more Lyrics from Sevendust. 
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