Sample in a Jar – Phish

It’s hidden far away but someday I may tell

The tale of metal tangle when into your world I fell

Without you now I wander soaking secretly afraid

‘Cause in your grasp the fears don’t last and some of them have stayed

I wheeled around because I didn’t hear what you had said

And saw you dancing with Elihu up on Leemor’s bed

And I was foggy rather groggy, you helped me to my car

The binding belt enclosing me, a sample in a jar

And on the market stands unfolding with all their willies and their wares

I shuffle by alert but numb to all the glances and the glares

And I think of you unheeding all the times I raise my cup

It’s now I know that you knew that I’d soon end up end up


You tricked me like the others and now I don’t belong

The simple smiles and good times seem all wrong

Author: admin on October 7, 2013
Category: S Song Lyrics

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