Nancy The Nanny Goat – Sesame Street

Announcer: Nancy the nanny goat lived north of Nantucket.

(A bird pops out of the top of the N.)

Announcer: Nancy had a pet, a nice nightingale.

Nightingale: I am a nightingale!

(Scene changes to inside the N and we find Nancy in front of a mirror putting on her napkin.)

Announcer: Now, Nancy was a nincompoop because around her neck she wore a narrow napkin!

(Switch to a close-up of a clock which pulls back to show a town hall-type building where the clock is located. A sign on the side of the road in front of the building says “Nanny goat farm”. We see the N roll by.)

Announcer: One night in November at 9:09 she got a notion to visit a nutty Nanny Goat farm.

(The background is covered with goats and the words appear in balloons superimposed over them. The N rolls by with the nightingale being pulled behind it on a leash.)

Announcer: Numbskull! Nitwit! Nincompoop! Were some of the nasty names the other nanny goats called her as she sat nibbling on her nails.

(She’s now seated on top of the N nibbling away. The N pulls to a stop next to the granny nanny goat who is seated in a chair and knitting.)

Announcer: The granny nanny goat noticed Nancy and said, “Nancy, don’t be a ninny! Never nibble on your nails!”

(We now see a letter N shaking.)

Announcer: Nancy became nervous.

(Back to Nancy on top of the N taking off her napkin and pulling a necklace out of the top of the N.)

Announcer: She took off the narrow napkin and put on a nifty necklace.

(A bird flies by with a sign reading “noodles” dragging behind him.)

Announcer: Instead of nibbling on her nails she started to notice noodles.

(Back to granny nanny goat who stops knitting and looks over at Nancy offscreen. We then cut to a full shot of the N as Nancy pops out of various openings and says the letter N in speech balloons. The nightingale pops out as well but he’s speechless 🙂

Announcer: Granny nanny goat noticed Nancy and said, “Nanny goats who nibble on their nails and notice noodles are nutty!”

(Nancy skids to a stop from running into the scene and the letter N draws itself next to her.)

Announcer: This story of Nancy the nanny goat was brought to you by the letter N.

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