Ma 6 T Va Crack Er – KRS One

KRS One representing Ma 6T va Crack er
Cercle Rouge KRS One
Droppin on em like this
Pick it up pick it up
You know what time it is when KRS One comes through
Representing all true hip hop culture
You know how we do

How can they throw you in prison now for long years
If in reality the black man doesn’t belong here
Have you forgotten how we got to this place
Why then are all the jails predominantly the black race
If you dont teach me my culture I dont know who I am
I dont know the difference between my enemy and my friend
So I’m robbin and killin I got nothing to live for
You turn my father into a boy my mother into a whore
Now I’m hardcore on the Ave
Watching while people that got me to walk fast
After beatin us, rapin us and robbin us
400 years of that’s what’s inside of us
Take a look at me now I’m really your creation
A technological anti-human mutation
A mutation of a better way of life
You first pulled the knife but to heal it will take my whole life
I fought no force on this level
I listen to bass and treble
Thinking that the white man is the devil
Cause who could be so cruel like this
So heartless, so senseless
But I’m taught by the devil
To grow up and be a Devil
To do the same devilish things on another level
However when I act out the mission
You turn around and throw me in prison
You a sucker

Chorus: KRS-One

If you come from France
and you like the breakdance say OHOH (OHOH)
And If you come from New York
and you like the way I talk say Yeah (Yeah)

You can kill a man by taking him out of his land
And putting him in a land he really doesnt understand
Then teach him to respect Greek mythology like
Pythagorus, Ptolomies, Socrates
These people are thieves
They stole us astronomy, mathematics, all tactics of biology
Even the concept of democracy stolen from the king Akhanoton
Put down the book, use your brain
If you dont know who you are you are clinically insane
The board of education cant see that
Well it deserves to get beaten and robbed by black
Give me my frame of mind back
Give me my culture
But you dont understand that cause you a sucker


I see Beauval in the house, Collinet in the house
Sarcelles in the house, Cercle Rouge in the house
KRS-One rocks the mike without a doubt
Turning parties out
You know what I am about
Cause we will be here forever I told you
Soldier floods your mind like Noah
As you get older you’ve got to pay attention
At how you livin hardcore
You aint a kid anymore grow up, to blow up the spot you’re at
Learn the skill and go to the top of that
Cercle Rouge definitely rockin in rap
KRS-One I got your back


KRS-One with the freestyle rhyme
Representing Cercle Rouge in France
All the graffiti artists
we like to breakdance to the MC yes you know that’s me
KRS-One down with the BDP
From way back you know we take it like that
Kenny P and Zizwe, Will-Dee, gods of rap
We do it like this, do it like that

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