Keep It Moving – Mary J Blige

Verse 1:
Some come around me try to call my bluff
Pushin my buttons just to see if im tuff
Behind my back spreadin all kind of lies
Cuz your an agent workin on both sides
Hangin around me tryin ta get some shine
Your mad at me becuz I work for mine
Plus sweat and tears just to make a dime
While you sit back and try to take whats mine

Don’t let em push you to the limit cuz they like it a lot
and if they keep pushin just tell em ta just keep it movin
(keep it movin) keep it movinyaaah
For you and your partner can keep hatin on me
and I’m sorry that you feel this way but you can just
Keep it movin (keep it movin) keep it movin yeeah

Verse 2:
Spiritually, mentally, physically
I’m tryin my best to better myself and no one else
But your so busy thinkin that this money is gonna turn
me ta someone else and settle for less
Get your own life, on your own time, stop hangin around
tryin ta drain me dry
I’ve been broke before,I cant do it no more, but if I have to
it won’t be over you
No one in this world can make me self-destruct
If you listen real close you would hear just what I’m tryin ta say to you, you and your crew
So stop sittin round waitin on me ta lose


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