I Am Hiphop – Deep Puddle Dynamics

[Sole ]
Well its 7:45 oh yeah
we’ll see who’s the bigger man
Other dead men walking 4:00p.m. I heard a dead man talking
He said its inconsequential
for get it its nice
I’ll always get into harlots Ville with this knife getaway
I don’t want to buy you a drink
forget to piss on your pride little girl
Yeah stepped on your feet
you want to eat that dirty white how what ya looking at
The cap
bartender tender me some sex on the beach
before I reach out and impediment your speech
Once I get’em in my reach
unprecedented impeach
He saw a double crossed dance illuminated by disco lights
Unseen unspoken
in a scene provoking a thought provoking scene
in a smoke scene interrupted by intervening disco lights
aint nobody dancing
aint no music everybody still
I can only see one man
he looks good enough to kill
so I muscle my way through dustless of imposers
10:30 to 10 feet away 5 fingers surround the object of entrapment
I don’t need to see his eyes
I feel his jack then his shirt then his skin then his kidneys then out
then blood then blood then blood
then neck then blood then blood then blood chest
Then I see his girl watching over him
like she is gonna cry his little ass back to life
This is my only way I know
so I must remove the knife
We eye to eye now
goodbye to his life fool
I told you I would get my five dollars back tonight

Another night (night)
Another dollar (dollar)
Another crowd I enlisted to make holler (now scream)
Another I really wish this crowd was a little bit larger
Excuse me mister promoter
could I bother you
For a couple of bottles
of premium placed on the stage
For me and my brethren you know beverages
Intoxication balance and leverage
Guessing this is that point where I grab the mic and make my point
kick my flow make’em say hoooo
blow the lid off the joint
ahem: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
and then they befriended I love it when this situation happens
This the type of crowd that build self esteem
Come 10:30 is was I finally felt that sting..
(commotion. Yo yo yo yo (hes got a knife)
yo what the fucks going on right here,
calm the fuck down calm that shit down (that’s blood)
check check get’em up get off get off)

I shed another blood you knew I would
I feel you should adapt
can’t run forever trapped death stepped up to
shed another blood you knew I would
I feel you should adapt
can’t run forever trapped death stepped up to


Thanks anyhow its just been one of those days alcohol only
How can you not sell fucking cigarettes at a bar excuse me
but I wonder where those two wild women are
I’ve gotten off one minute they’re all ears and big eyes
then they’re wandering off
to bark up the next mans tree EXCUSE ME
thank you Jesus Christ this place is
now that’s a foxy young lady
if only she would put some clothes on (excuse) enough
I’ll just bend and stay in the mean market.. humm humm humm
who are these that shits pretty dope
but I can hardly hear his vocals and the bass is too loud
Actually this kid is nasty
to bad I can’t hear the words (excuse me)
damn like he couldn’t have just walked pass oh and the stare too
See everybody want to show you
how big their and how little they think
I be if it
is that the chick Jim was trying to get on she’s alright
man its hot as balls in here why did I wear this
(screaming) he’s? got a knife is that blood
Oh my God I’ve never been this
that’s blood he’s dying, gone

Uh uh.. oh my god twisting and turning
what’s that sensation of burning
yearning to witness some spoken words but now I’m learning
but I cant step into the outer limits of my abode

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