I Am A Tree – Guided By Voices

I am a tree – I show my age when I don’t cry
I have the leaves that will fall off when wind blows by
Don’t strip off my bark – I have been stripped of it before
Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow has so much more in store

You are a bird – you’re taking off in every way
Say the last word until there is nothing more to say

Don’t interrupt – you know the squirrels are my friends
Get off my limb – for I will break before I bend

I’m planning to see
I’m planning to feel you all over me
So climb up my trunk and build on your nest
Come and get the sap out if me
I am a tree!
Fruitless and free!
No symmetry!
Touch me and see!

I am a tree – counting my rings will do no good
I won’t live long but I would be with you if I could
When you take flight, remember me to one who lives there
Since you have flown, there’s something special in the air
(Re-zoom/Busy signals from the home front)

Author: admin on September 7, 2013
Category: I Song Lyrics

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