Gangstas Need Love – Master P

-Master P- (talking)

Yo, Boo, uh, I know I ain’t never told you this before but, uh, I was just
trying to get my hustle on. But you know what? I just need you to be there for
me, cuz, uh, gangstas need love too.


Since you’ve been away I’ve been down and lonely
Since you’ve been away I’ve been thinkng of you
Trying to understand, the reason you left me
What were you going thru?
I’m missing you (gangstas need love too)
Tell me where the road turns (echoed)

Verse 1 – Master P –

Uhhhh, I got you livin’ in mansions
Jumpin’ out of Benzes (honk, honk)
DKNY clothes but get fake president’s Rolex watches
You used to wear Swatches
Done took you out the ghetto, now your name is Miss Versace
Alligator Purses, M?et with your Reeses, Hershey
Miss Rev-e-lon when yo’ lips an’ hair an’ toes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Even though I’m livin’ wrong, tryin’ to get my hustle on
I want you in your birthday suit when I make it home
So I can Uhhhh then squeeze ya’, tease ya’
You wanna rub me? let the Ice Cream Man please you
I ain’t got no nine to five
Hustle just to stay alive
Keep you on your game
Give you a pistol with your cute .45
Heiffers decieve ya, cuz they wanna be ya
Tell you I’m a thug and they can’t wait till I leave ya’
So think about what I say and fuck what them hoes say

Chorus -Lawand and Mercedes-

I’m missin’ you
Tell me where the road turns (echoed)

-Verse 2 – Master P-

You was a high school queen
Met me sellin’ ice cream on the corner went double-up servin’ Fiend
Even though I’m a thug, ya love me
If sex was a game, we’d a play rugby
I got you flyin’ first classes on planes
Jumpin’ offa’ trains
Takin’ cruises on boats, sippin’ champagne
Rollin’ out the red carpet when they see ya $10,000 mink coat
That’s why them hoes wanna be ya, but they can’t
Taking trips in Land Cruisers
Droppin’ off cash to the bank
But they don’t know what you done see
The shit i done put you thru
??? you done take for ya’ boo
The FED’s harass you
The lies you dont told for me
And when i went to jail you found a way to visit me
Runnin’ up ya phone bill
Sometimes the kids didn’t even have a decent meal
It ain’t no limit to this ghetto love
Even though i mighta’ slangin’ drugs
You still showed me love
That’s why I’m here for ya’, Boo
But just remember (uuuhh) that gangstas need love too


Verse 3 – The Shocker

I got a ??? and i wonder why and i wonder what she in me
And man I can’t lie
Cuz i’ll be hustlin’ , hangin’ wit my homies all night ch’all
I’ll be hustlin’ from the morning to the night fall, aight ch’all?
It’s kinda hard tryin’ to stay clean
Tyrin’ to chase dreams
Tryin’ to make it happen
But this rappin’ ain’t what it seems
Know what i mean?
Now thru thick things ya’ stood beside me
When I was on the run, you help me on the real
Tryin’ to make a mil but on the real
That’s tight but a little money can’t buy me
I need someone who could be trusted
Take this hundred g’s in case a nigga like me get busted
Ya’ blame it on my mom’s lifestyle
My thuggish-ruggish friends
Ya’ keep tellin’ me
My fine lifestyle gonna havta come to an end
Ya’ gotta’ realize I ain’t tryin’ to be no broke fart
I’m takin’ the chances now
Cuz it’s gonna be hard for our future sons and daughters
I’m tryin’ to take trips to Reno
Cash chips like casinos
Live life as a high roller
Silkk the Shocker make moves like Valentino
I only got one chance, so I got to take it
If you could just be patient
Down for the silent 20 just for waitin’
Yo’ mom think I’m a thug
She still don’t like me
Ya’ friends think I’m a ghetto thug
But this is ghetto love that they can’t s

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