Game – Too $hort F/ Old School, Freddy B


*guy toking and coughing up*
[$hort] Freddy B!
[Fred B] Wuz up $hort?
[$hort] Ai, y’know they been waitin on this ol’ school game
Let’s bring that game back!
[Fred B] Like game one thru five?
[$hort] Yeah nigga, just like we use to do it!
[Fred B] Well check this out

Game! Is the shit
Like what? A rat-haired bitch

Verse 1: Old School Freddy B

I was sittin at my home, all alone
Thinkin ’bout bitches I use to bone
Tight young bitches, I can’t deny
Rat-haired bitches, I can’t lie
The bitch had body is all I know
Only 18 but looked twenty-fo’
Her name was Bitch, class of ’92
Skyline High and the shit was cool
Took her to my house, Moms was gone
Turned off the light, unplugged the phone
The bitch said “Fred, I hearda you
Anything you want, I will do”
I dropped my drawers, dick all swoll
She couldn’t believe the position was pole
In and out, out and in
I used the bitch like a ATM
G’d the bitch like the one and only
Bust two nuts and called her phony
She couldn’t believe what I said
The next thing you know she was on my head
Suckin the dick like it’s suppose to be done
Rat-haired bitch make me cum
Freddy B that’s the name
Rat-haired bitches, I got game

[$hort] Cos Game
[Fred B] That’s the shit
[$hort] Like what? (Like what?)
[Fred B] A nasty bitch

Verse 2: Short Dawg

I like to fuck a nasty bitch
Witta big fat ass and shit
First lay, dick gettin sucked
Bitch don’t give a fuck
Cos real players run that game
When I fuck that bitch she won’t be the same
Cos when Short Dawg run up in it
Fuck a bitch for about 30 minutes
Real player-like, straight to the point
Bust a nut while I’m smokin a joint
Stop fuckin, still smokin
Lay my dick on her lips, say “Open!”
Ain’t nuttin like a nasty bitch
Acting all fast and shit
Bitch just love to flirt
When I see her at the club, I’ll be puttin in work
Feelin on her ass at the bar
Let’s get a room, girl it ain’t too far
On the way, y’know what happened?
She sucked my dick while I was rappin
I just couldn’t resist
I couldn’t hold back, I said “BEEYATCH!”

[Fred B] Game!
[$hort] All I do is stack
[Fred B] Like what?
[$hort] A motherfuckin mack!

Verse 3: Old School Freddy B

My Copue DeVille is all white
Yes bitch, it’s hella tight
Crush blue velvet, gameless game
White on white wit tha gold thangs
Bounce tp the spot, check my crap
Wash, wax, straight on fat
The bass on heat everytime I ride
A long haired bitch on the passenger side
Mackin on the cellular phone
I can’t be stopped, 50 G’s strong
Fred Benz, Freddy B
Oaktown, a bitch don’t sleep
A motherfuckin mack that’s what I am
Taxin a bitch like Uncle Sam
She pays the tax, Fred Benz’ the pimp
16 G’s put the bitch in
No ordinary game, just give it and take
East Oakland can’t be fake
I slapped the bitch, the money was short
Macked on the bitch and now she knows
Fred Benz baby, the game is fat
Ask these bitches, I’m a mack

[$hort] Game!
[Fred B] Is like ridin vogues
[$hort] Like what?
[Fred B] Breakin hos

Verse 4: Short Dawg

Breakin hos day and night
They call me Shorty The Pimp, my game is tight
I never do give hos slack
I’m like Fred Benz, I’ma mack
So bitch break yourself
I’m an Oaktown nigga, I’ll take your wealth
Cos that’s what I was raised to do
Break these bitches, get payed fool
Y’know Short Dawg ain’t afraid and hurt
Any bitch I get, you can’t take her
Cos the game is fool-proof
Bet’cha momma say I’m tellin ya true
So won’t you pay the man
Hundred dollar bills all in my hand
While I break you bitches
Tell a story ’bout ridin with bitches
‘Bout these pimp

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