Gal Fight Over We – Elephant Man

Intro :
A Elephant From Scare Dem Inno
An mi dun tell dem areddy
whey wi fi duh wid di gal


Badman nuh fight over gal, gal fight over we
Dem eyes get red when dem see the car key
Scare Dem Crew wi gone pon a gal move
2000 Crew naw loose

1. Mi do a show over Constant Spring
Come off a di stage mi see a pretty browning
Get the phone number, know mi haffi win
Den mi tek har to the uptown Burger King
Dung a Mandela Park after birds wi a fling
Sight a bicycle man a sell ginseng
Hol half dozen fi strenghten mi wing
Said time mi hear she say she waan jerk chicken
Popeyes never lock, Harry Toddler bring her in
Di fries never ready, mi hol a dozen wing
Den mi hug up mi girl an sing


2. Mi hear how two a mi good good gal a war
Patsy sight Pam inna di front a mi car
Smaddy see when mi call har from out a di bar
A dat guh cause the big war
Hottie hottie Cherrie from down a Porus
Say she a hotgal an she nuh tek 8 bus
A benz and Lexus man use oick har up
An none never bowl her fi ducks


Di gal dem a tell mi say mi sexually hype
Tek time, Patsy call mi last night
Say she want a good plumber fi come bung har pipe
Ink inna mi pen long time ready fi write
Di gal nuh waan chicken, she waan cow tripe
Dem naw fallah yuh, from yuh a duh di wuck rite
Teelie she want fi guh chip up her ice
An none never cold nor fight

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