A Side Of Me – Andy Griggs

I?ve lived my life like a one way ticket
Not knowin? where I?m bound
About killed myself to prove I was alive
Then all of a sudden with a whole lot of lovin?
You turned my world around
So don?t worry if I?m ever gonna walk the line
Yeah, I?ll be true, but baby, I can?t lie

I?ve been known to get a little rowdy
And crazy when I can
I can get a little loud
I get a little lazy
And a little bit out of hand
I got a good side, bad side
Sometimes Just this side of sanity
But turning my back on you
Is a side of me you?ll never see

I?ve been in the middle
I?ve been on the edge
Been a diamond in the rough
But baby, I?ll bet that you can smooth me out
No, I ain?t perfect
But for what it?s worth
You can count on this boy?s love
I can see where you might have your doubt
But let me tell you what I?m all about

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

No you?ll never see

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