A Million Hearts – Ultimate Fakebook

It’s insane – don’t know why I came
Guess just to see you here
But from far away,
all I see is him and I just move on
this is crazy…
“No date for the prom?” you say
as we both finally meet
Then your smile fades,
and I see in your eyes that it’s all no fun
Then you turn back to him
as the prom theme song comes on…

I’m still in love, but I’m one of a million hearts
you’ll someday break
Close my eyes, but still I won’t give up,
still I won’t give up…no way

I’ll wait, in this dancefloor haze
and suffer this silly suit just for one more gaze
And I’m sneakin’ around like a fool – so dumb
On a Saturday night, man, is this what I’ve become?


And I know that I still don’t believe it’s true
But I can’t let you go and I don’t know what to do


Author: admin on October 28, 2013
Category: A Song Lyrics
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