A-eee – Hank Williams Jr.

She’s got soft finger tips and a warm red ruby lips.She 24 in the waist and 36 and 38.

She’s is pretty as she can be and got a beautiful body,

and when she makes love to me I can’t help but hollar A-EEE!

They say that I’m a crazy cajun always rantin’ and a ravin’.

But they don’t know what they’re missing if they ain’t never had her kissin’.

In the car or in the shower I’m thinkin’ of every hour

and sometimes I get this urge to just hollar ’cause I love her.

I jumped up in a bar one night when I was feeling alright.

Let out a great big A-EEE and the sheriff said come with me.

Well he threw me into the jail I guess he didn’t like my Louisiana yell,

but a man come and bailed me out and said in his mind there was no doubt.

That I could be a big star probably get myself a brand new car.

I says you mean your going to pay me just to hear me hollar A-eee!

Yes he said thats right son!We’re gonna make a million.

So we went to Nashville town.I made a record and it played all around.

From then on they were Number 1,but I wasn’t having no fun.

I miss my Cajun Baby and all that good A-eee!

So I went on back to Louisian’ to find my girl and have a love again,

’cause after all she’s the one you see that made it all happen to me.

She’s my soul and inspiration and soon her love I’ll be tasting.

Oh she’s drivin’ me crazy with all of her A-eee!

She’s got soft finger tips and a warm red ruby lips.

Well she’s 24 in the waste and 36 and 38

and she’s as pretty as she can be.She’s got a beautiful body

and thats all that matters to me. Me and my baby and A-eee!

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