Walk Away – Geri Halliwell

There’s a river of tears i need to cry
Been holding back for years
There’s a mountain so high i need to climb
To wipe away the fears
Solitude and loneliness have been a friend of mine
As i’m turning my back on emptiness
I leave them all behind

Who knows just where i’m going
Does tomorrow belong to me

Walk away this time with my head up high
Walk away just me and myself
Walk away with pride
Nothing left to hide
But it just feels right to be one
And just walk away

I could never forget how hard I tried
When we were oh so young
Just one tender moment I cannot find
Maybe I had none

Strength will be by my side
Although I feel afraid
But I know it’s too late for this goodbye
There’s nothing left to say

Who knows just where I’m going
Does tomorrow belong to me


Walk away this time with my head up high
Walk away just me and myself
Walk away with pride
Nothing left to hide
But it just feels right to be one
And just walk away this time
One day you’ll realise
That the tears you saw in my eyes
Won’t be there forever

Chorus to fade

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