Treble Charger

10th Grade Love – Treble Charger

Tried to find your face
1000 pictures flipped but yours just ran away
something in the air
it lacks a special touch
a smile thats left wide open sit down next to Russ
its ok

laughed it over
thought about it for a little while
Cant you throw me
if I stepped over
all these things that you didnt like
keep them all under light

Will you rise above
My 10th grade love

Dont know how to fake
Im kinda stupid bout you guess you cant relate
one thing is clear
youve been lost in me
for such a long time now ill get some room to breathe
thats ok

having five stars
hanging down over top of those
dark brown earth shoes
i like
Waiting for you
at the place with a cigarette
stamped all over your lies

Will you rise above
my 10th grade love

Will you rise above
my 10th grade love

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Kareen – Treble Charger

You’re dragging me along
I cannot hold it
You say it’s what you are
Your staring scares me

Antagonize your fears, your longing
You’re setting out your fears, you’re falling
I turn my back on you
You’re far too clever now

Kareen is calling out her name
She disappeared beneath her pain
But no one’s listening
No one’s listening

I contradict myself
You did not need it
You gave up from the start
So where’s that leave me?

And what I’d like to know is easy
If it’s your right, than don’t believe me
I turn my back on you
You’re far too clever now

Reckless leap to try once more
It’s really not that strange
You’ll learn to be adored
And not to be ashamed

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Half Down – Treble Charger

Spoken: Am I gonna roll?
1, 2, 3
Don’t ask me why, I don’t know
I can’t explain it in words you can say
Probably lie and stay low
I’ll just ignore it and hope it all goes away

You play along half the time
Turn it half down on the radio
If there’s a flaw in your lines
I’m not convincing enough to just let it go

I don’t believe that you’ve tried
I’ve listened to it all, you’re still putting me down
Haven’t you gone way too far?
Said that it’s fine what you do to me now
I said that it’s fine.

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Treble Charger – Fade

I know a way that you can stay away from me
It’s easier than what you heard and what you see

I’ve been counting (I’ve been counting)
And what I keep (And what I keep)
Isn’t what you need, knowing what you need
Building sure-fire hearts into life-like ones

I can’t complain, explain it’s hard to be that way
I can’t be that way
I can’t believe it’s up to me to fade that way
I can’t fade that way
Reminding me I cannot stay

I think it’s strange that you could change your mind for me
I only bought your line of thought that I could see

You’ve been counting
On what I keep
Isn’t what you need, knowing what you need
Building sure-fire hearts into life-like ones

Reminding me I can’t stay alone, I don’t know what you mean

I know I’ve finally worked it out
I can be that way. I can be that way
I know I’ve asked is this all true
I can fade that way. I can fade that wayCheck out more Lyrics from Treble Charger. 
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