Terror Fabulous

Jah Works – Terror Fabulous

Cho :
A jus Jah works when yuh see the rain fall
Jah works, blessings overall
Jah works when yuh see the sun shine
Jah works, blessings everytime

1. Well, Jah works is worthy to be praised
Tell all the yute dem whey a gaze out dem days
Duh, mi a beg yuh tek yuh han from yuh ears
Chant a couple Psalms ah mi say dont you be amazed
Because, time is getting rough
Yuh got to hol up yuh head a mi say got to step it up
Time is getting hard
Yuh caan be a fool, yuh caan live like nuh fraud


2. Well, get up stand up, and yuh wi see what is what
How the hell yuh a guh hear if yuh ears dem padlock
When mi fren dem talk
Yuh gwaan like yuh nuh hear, yuh full a chat
Jah Rastafari him a the top af all top
An when di rain fall yuh say a wahn little drop
An when di sun shine yuh halla out it too hot
Yet still di man a put food inna fi yuh pot
But yuh mind still a linger inna di complain box


3. Jah Jah is for you a mi say Jah Jah is for I and I
One love for Jah Jah way inna Mt Zion I
Obstacle dey inna mi way
Mi step high higher high
Because mi know say Jah dem jus caan try


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