Sweet Sensation

Victim Of Love – Sweet Sensation

No, I can’t believe that it’s true
After all we’ve been through
You say that there’s somebody new
Hey, what did you feel when we kissed
Tell me, was there something that I missed
Never thought it would end up like this

So goodbye, baby say goodbye
I know it won’t be easy
‘Cause you need me
A victim of love (2x)

And I don’t know what I’m to do


They say all is fair in love
But sometimes enough is enough
Losing at love is so rough
Hey, they said you were my friend
That true love is without an end
Tell me, do broken hearts ever mend

This is the last time
I’ll never hurt again

Say goodbye bye boy

Victim of love

Better say goodbye
Say goodbye
I’ll never hurt again
Whoa, a victim of love
I don’t know what to do

Goodbye, baby say goodbye
I know it won’t be easy
‘Cause you need me
I was a victim of love
And I’ll never hurt again
Victim of love

I thought that you and I were different
The way you made me feel
In your arms, the sweet words you whisper
Seem to be so real
But now it’s time to turn and walk away
Sometimes dreams come true
But not for me my love
But maybe for you


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Take It While It’s Hot – Sweet Sensation

Take it while it’s hot
Take it while it’s hot, give it all you got
Take it while it’s hot

I’ve always dreamed this was the way that it could be
Just like a fantasy, your hear along with me
So now it seems we’ve slipped into reality
And it’s plain to see this is our destiny
Feelings I try to hold seem to take control
I lie awake, my body shakes with just one thought of you
The door is open wide so won’t you come inside
And do those special things that lovers do

Take it while it’s hot, I think the time is right
Take it while it’s hot, I want your love tonight
Give it all you got, don’t let this feeling end
Take it while it’s hot, cause it may not come again

Sometimes I’m shy but now I think that you should know
The deeper that we go, the more my feelings show
Time passes by just like good things come and go
So light the candles babe, and I’ll make a wish and blow
I love the way you groove, I’m gonna make this move
It’s time to live, I wanna give you what your waiting for
The lights are pink and low, I think we’re good to go
We’re wasting time and I can’t wait no more

Chorus (3x)

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