50 Ways – Snow

50 ways (go go go go)
50 ways to flip a style

skiddily diddily boom boom a whop a dung dem
you never know say daddy me snow yes me come back again
snow that begin a reading for the musical blow
man de sun came down man de moon came up
man I’m fun alone me just
spin on the top a me say working gold ?
another regional land in a Toronto
I rocked then a rolled rock it never need a flow
People dem a take over the mind and soul
eat it in a plate a man fe eat it in a bowl
?????deaf music man a hyper volume noise
skiddily diddily boom boom a whop a dung dem lord
skiddily diddily boom boom me come back again
skiddily diddily boom boom a whop a dung dem
you never know say daddy me snow go go go
run go tell your friend


they said “hey snow man is there something we can do
to hear another wicked style yes coming here straight from you?”
this man he looked to me I said there aren’t to be
There must be 50 ways to flip a style
There must be 50 ways to flip a style

Speaking of 50 ways
Speaking of 50 styles
Flip I’m about to give why so grab a grip
1, 2, 1, 2 check
step up and get wrapped
Rough rhymes nuff respect
Wiggiddi whack styles
De home de home my system
Then speed up stretch em out
Toss em up and twist em
Rolled up beat cause you can get done true
Flavours, my rhymes are like an ice cream scoop
Boy just stand still face your prosecution
Love to see ya fate that’s your resolution
Wrap us gift rock
Concocted of a potion
Rough on the edge jets move like notion
Psychotic murder and maniac rapper killin’
Back when it comes to rap the rapper kazilla
Swift with the gift I make it worth your while
50 ways and 50 styles


All on come up jack it up to what I say
Your in a jamaican pack that man’ ????
That means you’re gay
We’re in a New York dem a go people having fun
Women he women he warm up?
???? never get up in front of judge man ???????
???? pull on a microphone and running about
a me say up a to the top because
Women chat diddily diddily warm up?


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Snow – Ease Up

Here’s a real sad song
A song that must be sung
Think about the days when we were young
When we were kids girl all you wanted to do was play
But that was then and look at how you’re living today
It’s making me sad and almost brings me tears
But you may just open your eyes when the smoke clears
Girl what happened to the smile that used to clean
Once upon a time in your life you used to dream
At the top of the swim team but now you’re drownin’
How quick your change was the most astounding
What you’re gonna do is you against the world
You started off being such a sweet girl
Times go by, and years they start to drift
Now you’re staring down a deep cliff
You can pour but don’t overflow the cup
Girl you better

Ease up
So down
Girl you better change your life around (ease up)
So down (ease up)
So down
Girl you better change your life around (ease up)
So down

No longer kids now we’re considered as teens
Now we start learning what the letters in life mean
You had a good home living the good life – who knows
You might have made somebody a good wife
How is it wrong when things which are so fun
Now you walk around with a body with no mind
You entered the gateway to all life choices
Your brain was kinda hollow so you followed the voices
And you let it mislead ya
It took your body and soul and it said that it freed ya
Each and every girl like you is a sad case
You always have a beautiful look on a sad face
It could never be the way that it was
But if you’re on the dope then that’s what the dope does
If you pour don’t overflow the cup
Girl you better


And now it comes to the final solution
Robbing and stealing and prostitution
Can’t you see that your world is a shamble?
Life is a big game with plenty of gambles
So much time many things that are undone
No longer you cause there’s you and a young son
You got one there are girls with two or three
Can’t get a fix on ’em it’s driving ’em up a tree
Just stop and think of your young child
Before he winds up as a name in a closed file
As I reminisce and take a look back
I wish I knew what to do to put you on the right track
But yet the train that left the station
And your money’s on a permanent vacation
The more you pour you overflow the cup
Girl you better

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