Project Pat

528-Cash – Project Pat

(Project Pat)
As i sit in my cell Mine as well be in hell
1 left dead
2 on 1
4th floor where i dwell
couldn’t tell but u waz a man but u waz a bitch
a nigga i would die for really was a snitch
Let me switch to the scene of the crime
Were I left all me wholesome dreams
Caught me with a .9
Duffel bags full of cash
Empty out my safe
Hid the mask, But another thing fucked up my escape.
I can take any charge because he dilt for his sonna.
(Judge) Do you plead guilty on this case?
No your honor
I wonder I’m not guilty turned to guilty
Could it be that my home boy gone stale one me
I can see you and the victim sittin like a hoe
On the prosecutor side shove a .9 down her throat
Of the coward punk bitch
Your body in a ditch
Could have sold my own soul just to see the .9 click click.
And your carcass fall like the gavel fell
9 years what the gave me then took me to jail
Did i tell Nigga hell naw Project aint a hoe
We can blast with those thangs or go toe to toe
Bullets blow niggaz brains out into outer space
Killaz bust on you ho’s
Than Leave without a trace
Just incase u waz wondering did i let him live
He’s at home wit his wife
But he better watch his kids

Snitches Bitches 16x

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Project Pat – Easily Executed

Easily Executed X4

(Verse 1)
Cracking niggas jaws, running hoes into walls
Punks begging for they lives, mothafucka I don’t pause
When I blast on yo ass I’m gone empty this clip
Nigga live by yo rep, but I ain’t taking shit
When I slip in my disguise, letting you know what I’m about
And I’m blasting at the dark, that’s gon blow yo brains out
Of yo head, leave you dead, in a pool of yo blood
Niggas died, niggas scared, cause, I don’t show no love
Ain’t no fear, when I hear, that the police got a witness
Now they looking for a suspect in North Memphis
Whose this realistic killa wit no conscience
Full of that alcohol, never smoking blunt junts
Get the pump, known as the seven shot scatter gun
Splatter some suckas head open, then I break and run
To the car, parked round the other corner of the street
Hit the gas fast, dog a nigga gotta beat the heat

Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe
When I come out wit the gat, I’m a ?try? hoe X2

Easily Executed X8

(Verse 2)
Bow down and recognize, nigga it’s a homicide
Fuckin wit the nigga like the pastor, that’s a suicide
Mission that yo ass on, besta pack a chrome tome
Suckas play that role, like they killas bring it on jones
Roaming in ya neighborhood, and I got my sawed-off
Caught cha getting yo shit, I got my junt and blew yo ass off
Fool, I’m fo real black, caps I’m gon peal back
Not that psychopathic crazy nigga, but I’ll snap
You in half wit my bare hands, trick this ain’t no candy land
Hoe this ain’t no game, they gon find you in a trash can
Down-town fulla flys, blood drippin from yo eyes
?dig? a hoes body for days, and they can’t decide
who did it, who done it, police on that okey-doke
say it’s drug related cause I did like them white folks do
late at night, wit no witnesses around bro
letting yo ass know, if you step, you can die hoe

Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe
When I come out wit the gat, I’m a ?try? hoe X2

Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe
When I (When I) come out wit the gat, I’m a ?try? hoe X2Check out more Lyrics from Project Pat. 
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