Pink Floyd

A Spanish Piece – Pink Floyd

Pass the tequila, Manuel
(glug, snort)
Listen, gringo, laugh at my lisp and I kill you
I think
This Spanish music
It sets my soul on fire
Lovely seniorita
Your eyes are like stars
Your teeth are like pearls
Your ruby lips

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A Pillow Of Winds – Pink Floyd

A cloud of eiderdown
Draws around me
Softening the sound
Sleepy time
When I lie
With my love by my side
And she’s breathing low
And the candle dies

When night comes down
You lock the door
The book falls to the floor
As darkness falls
The waves roll by
The seasons change
The wind is wry

Now wakes the hour
Now sleeps the swan
Behold a dream
The dream is gone
Green fields of cold rain
Is falling in a golden dawn

And deep beneath the ground
The early morning sounds
And I go down
Sleepy time when I lie
With my love by my side
And she’s breathing low

And I rise, like a bird
In the haze
When the first rays touch the sky
And the night wings die

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Vera – Pink Floyd

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Remember how she said that
We could meet again
Some sunny day?
Vera! Vera!
What has become of you?
Does anybody else in here
Feel the way I do?

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