Victim Of Reality – Pennywise

take a ride and you will see another dose of reality it’s your life that becomes a victim of me i think i’m sick and you will see because one good shot and you’ll end up dead it’s violence on the streets and it will never end the world is not built for me and your my next victim victim of reality voices screaming in my head telling me the path that i tread it’s not sane but it’s where we’re fed you’re gonna end up dead it’s not something new to me a body in the street free publicity for me and you a world we’ve known a world that is so cold

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Vices – Pennywise

You never listen you never know
never the lender you always follow
cause it’s you doing it you say it’s alright
to yourself you’re lying
I didn’t wanna see you dying
before you know it you’re all alone
your can is empty you feel such sorrow
you think that using
all your best friends is alright
to yourself you’re lyin’
can’t you see it can’t you feel that
your vices are ruining your life and on and on,
your vices are ruining your life your mind
your vices are ruining your life
why can’t you stop that vice from ending your life
you’re always missing you’re always slow
used to be so deep now you’re so shallow
another friend out there
no I don’t think it’s right
your soul is frying
can’t you hear your mother crying
take your medicine
thru your nose
fine today but what about tomorrow
say it does not control you
but think I might
you’ve hit rock bottom
can’t you use it can’t you see that
you’re telling lies
and for help you are crying
I keep on knocking but there’s nobody home
you’re telling lies, living high, now you’re dying
if you want somebody’s help
why don’t you answer the door.

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Same Old Story – Pennywise

it’s patience trying when you tell me how to live well you don’t know anything your expectations are wearing thin you won’t even take a look to see another way you aren’t even listeing take your ideals and go away i’m cut from the same mold i don’t read from the same old story i’m not cut fromthe same mold don’t know who you think i should be i’m not cut from the same mold i don’t read from the same old story i’m not cut from the same mold done with yours i’m living life for me tell me father, did i turn out so bad didn’t i look up to you took every piece of advice you had go to school get a job send me on your way you aren’t even listening take your dreams and go away for so longi have tried to understand the qualities you thought made up a real man now it’s time for me to find out for myself i’m getting fed up i don’t need your help you never listen to both sides of the story you never listen you won’t listen to me

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