Jaime’s Song – Mara

I still see you in my Rearview mirror, In the back seat of my car Laughing.You have a thing with butterflies, but I maintain that Everyone needs and angel. I don?t know where you came from,Though you try to explain, But I caught you for a moment. Your eyes had a light Of something inside that Needed to be free. Something inside needed to be free.CHORUS Something in your song Reminded me of me. Well, at least that?s someone who won?t go away. I could never ask you To stay here for me, ?couse you could never live that way. Don?t get attached ?couse you?re a gypsy, you say. You remind me more of a butterfly who can?t stay More then an hour. Who floats from town to town And from sunflower to sunflower.CHORUS So here I am left With my wolves and angels. No butterflies in sight. ?couse winter?s coming soon, well, At least I tried. Now the butterflies, they only come out at night.CHORUS He sings his songs. I sing them right back to him. And it breaks my heart every time. If I ever asked you To stay here with me, I know you?d just fly away.

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