Kane And Able

Abortion – Kane And Able

Verse 1 (Abel)

Peep this 5’6” nigga with more game than Starter
Been pimping these hoes since I was shooting dog water
Call me plastic man cause I pack that plastic glock
Slinging my rocks on my block to the sunrise to the sun drop
I’m bout it than done some shit that God couldn’t forgive
Ever since I was that coke baby with two weeks to live
Shit my life is complex think I got a voodoo hex
Busters try to wet me, bitches step get shot up like Malcolm X
You fucking motherfuckers got his pocket full of boulders
You sick of being sober hit me on my motorola
Drink Cavassi A straight out the bottle counting g’s
Why you counting on the lotto
Fuck ya’ll is my motto
Hit the streets make my ends rocks hidden in my M & M’s
Bitch this ain’t Whodini, ain’t no motherfucking friends
Niggas average while caine be deadly like miscarriage
And if it come to it I’m gone put one in your cabbage
I’d rather steal to get paid like Shaquille O’Neal
Soon as I drop my draws all of ya’ll old ladies gone kneel
Getting deep getting funky like some rock star coochie
I’m jigging player haters just like pace makers for my loochie
Partner my name is Kane got more game than the dope game
Know less than 16 for every bird that I slang


My mama wish she had a fucking abortion
Cause I done so much shit so much gangsta shit
>From every crime from drugs to extortion
I know my mama wish she had a fucking abortion

Verse 2 (Kane)

I roll with No Limit cut throats trying to stack C-Notes
Wearing green and white Nauticas and Mecca polos
It all started my cousin got ’em got some heroin from Puerto Rico
We call it ?? and snorted by alot of people
Going to the place where danger awaits me
I never knew my moms but if I did she probably hate me
>From small time hustling to sticking up dope spots
My grandma found a 100 grand stashed in a shoebox
She kicked me out sent me down south where they be balling
Got a 100 got 200 on a trip to New Orleans
They used to love that weed like its they only child
Now they got the naza cocaine it got ’em wild
This child was born a twin seven minutes from my brother
No visions of my dad wouldn’t recognize my mother
And now I’m so obsessed with this money I be earning
I’m sicker than the fucking Germans
All I see is green like Erick Sermon


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3/2 Murder 1 – Kane And Able


3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door
3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door
6 million ways to die so I chose
3 2 murder 1 lyric at your door

Verse 1 (Kane)

Lyrical buckshots to gangsta hip-hop got to stop
Fuck crooked cops got this glock so try to stop
Explicit I’m on some ill shit God is my witness
Watch a nigga get killed with the quickness
Kane & Abel will leave your ass hurting with this pump
Wrap you up in a shower curtain and dump you in the trunk
?? wanna cuff me like ??
The bank robber crew come thru drunker than a motherfucker
Caine run thru in your brain watch your body drain
Cut your legs off for half-stepping in the game
I’ll snatch you, hurt you with this tech and this mac
Pumping on your chest won’t let you take another breath
Bloody murder is the issue
Watch these hot missles kiss you
Splatchering your brain tissue
Its Kane with fire I pour gas on you and lit you
I’m getting paid off the services of AK’s
I’m out here bad I know niggas who got grenades
That’s how it is in New Orleans
Niggas don’t go to school in the morning
You get popped without warning
Everybody and they mama in this fucking game
Little g’s get fronted QB’s from Ben Thomas
?? workers keep on coming up short get shot up
In the knees
my gradmama watching the news waiting to see my face
And if I catch case can cola
Cause she don’t understand slanging quarters
cause I gots to be a baller
I smoke that cess smoke
the fire getting higher cut your fingers off
And biting bitches like a vampire
Living fantasies like Mariah


Verse 2 (Abel)

You was the victim of a deadly plot you got shot
You fucking blood clot your face popped
Pick up the pieces
On Kane & Abel get blow deceases
The murder rate increases
Talking all that shit couldn’t let that shit pass
Sewed up your lips put the hot curling iron up your ass
Bitch show some sense here respect
Fear of penatentiary ?? will put your clic in check
What’s this, bucking hoes in my clothes
By my Cutlass, wanna be thugs is trying to buck this
You miss, you bests to be in before your curfew
I murder you sipping brew just like my St. Ides commercial
My gangsta ass weed make your nose bleed
Smoke these damage your eyes you be standing like Chinese
MC’s take off running as I
Grab the mic sweating like Rambo machine gun
And I’m macking on your hoe macking on your little sister
When I get stressed
send both them bitches to the ?? switchers
The SKS hit ya make ya bloody crime lab pictures
Breaking niggas apart like Kevin
on the ground when I come to town
Niggas better get the fuck from around


Verse 3 (Kane)

At funeral shows dead niggas got the best hoes
They shows fearing us got they face froze
I smoke a Newport sniffing embalming fluid
?? myself up to do it
And when I did it you gone get it
Sitting, gripping on my tech and it don’t sweat
I can feel the devil’s hot breath on my neck
Buck buck to your ass get you numb like Teddy Pendegrass
Fiening for quick cash, how long this shit gone last
Bucking to your chest like David Koresh
Make you stank like doo doo
And got hoes who know that voodoo
Kane & Abel is the name and now you know the pain
2 to the brain for being greedy to the fucking game


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Yes Indeed – Kane And Able

( Kane talking)
This what it’s all about once again huh.
Fucking and sucking once again you pissless trash.
You get on that block, you make my money.
You make my money good you pissless trash.

Chorus (Kane & Abel)

Only real niggas roll with me
Hit the block gun cocked, nigga pass the weed
Hustle we’ll never knock, recognize the G
TRU playas indeed, TRU yes indeed

Verse 1 (Kane)

It’s foolish how they be lovin that niggas shit like a bitch
Makin them cut off your light switch when that trigger finger itch
Nigga it’s my life, it’s fine like that black Spice Girl
Bitin they lip when they taste this dick, no trickin, diamonds and pearls
My niggas hard like sleepin on a steel matress in the hole for thirty days
Police on the payroll cause they know that nothin pay the way crime pays
Fuck you up like the little burn in Kool-Aid if you can’t get paid
Get trapped in the one way, ready for the gun play,
bullets get sprayed with no delay

Chorus x2

Verse 2 (Abel)

Smokin that herb when I get disturbed, hit the streets like dice on the curb
These bitch ass niggas get served, it’s no word, these haters got some nerve
A nigga named Master P told me hustle till I’m dead
Pitch black, catch a heart attack, like Fred I paint the whole town red
Hunt my foes till they casket close, spit on they grave, fuck they hoes
Ain’t nothin no love like a black rose, might hit they mama with a four four
They call me Mr. Abel, my brother, Mr. Kane
Stay TRU to the game, bitch pray when the bullets rain, fuck the fame
Come on

Chorus x3

(Abel talking)

Mr. Abel, Mr. Kane.
American Meat, ’99 nigga.
Any nigga that fuck with us, foolish as a motherfucker.
Like we said on the last motherfuckin record.
You run up, you get more holes then a golf course bitch.

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