Juvenile F/ Hot Boys

A Million And One Things – Juvenile F/ Hot Boys

[Lil’ Wayne]
This.. this here’s real, nigga
It’s real, nigga
Too real
Pay attention even though I’m young, nigga
Look, look
This one here’s on tha up, dog
For all my people with bad luck, dog
Strugglin’, tryin’ ta make a buck, dog
For all tha peeps who ain’t with us, dog
For all my niggas in Angola, stay tough, dog
See, this from shorty on tha real
I’m tired of seein’ my niggas gettin’ killed
They hustlin’ for a mil, nigga, hustle for your bills
If ya think ya need help, holla at me, wodie, I’m trill
If I got it ta spend, then I got it to give
But listen, man.. I know ya see the ice glistenin’, man
I know it make you wanna go get it bad
But ya gotta think ‘fore ya move, partna
‘Cause it’ll make your ship sink and you will lose, partna
I know you hate ta take it from a young nigga like me
But I betcha can’t name one nigga like me
That’s why I’m tryin’ ta preach, my nigga
And teach, my nigga
If ya don’t work ya don’t eat, my nigga

(Chorus 2x [Juvenile])
They got a million and one things that you could be doin’
Than hangin’ around this motherfucker talkin’ to your children
Get off your ass, lil’ daddy, and go and get it
It’s starin’ at ya right in your face, you ain’t wit it

Look at ya, you’re fuckin’ up and I can tell it too
What is ya smokin’? Everything a nigga sellin’ you?!
I know you could do better than that, and deserve more
Ya use to be tight with your game back in ’84
All tha hoes use ta jock ya
Niggas use ta knock ya
Stay a big shot, motherfucker couldn’t stop ya
Then ya went ta runnin’ ’round tha project with them junkies
Holes in your shoes, and your body all funky
Lips all ashy, eyes popped out
Spendin’ your children check, takin’ food out they mouth
And you get mad with me ’cause I don’t wanna give you ten
I don’t support your habit, nigga, y’all grown men
I got kids ta feed, I got bills ta pay
I got people comin’ askin’ for shit everyday
I can’t please everybody, but I love my folks
If I give ya everything, baby, I’ma be broke

(Chorus 2x)

Look… look.. look
Where I stay, times is hard for a lot of my peeps
Some of my rounds doin’ bad.. can’t even much eat
Everytime I pass through, beggin’ me for a dollar
Thinkin’ I owe them somethin’, don’t even wanna holla
Nigga who use ta be ballin’ ain’t ballin’ no mo’
I can see they life fadin’ away slowly for sure
Niggas who I come up with get me full of that dope
Use ta care about theyself, ain’t care no mo’
Niggas want me ta help ’em.. ain’t helpin’ theyself
You must be out your mind if you ain’t helpin’ yourself
Ain’t no love loss… I just gotta stay my distance
Gotta keep my mind straight.. before I come up missin’
Gotta do my rap thing, and make my paper, mister
Ain’t gon’ let nobody stop me from gettin’ my six figures
Gettin’ my shine on, bling-blingin’ everyday
If you’re not for tha right, stay tha fuck out my way, nigga

(Chorus 2x)

Everytime I hit tha block, it look like it get worse
Make me wonder if V.L. and Magnolia got a curse
My niggas still my niggas… got love for ’em all
I hate to see that market ride they back and make ’em fall
Somebody tell me, if I didn’t have change and I was broke
Would I get tha same attention when I’m in tha next four-door
No, I don’t think so, I’ll be a equal nigga
On the set, smokin’ jo’s, beggin’ people for scrilla
On the reala… if I could do it, then you could
Lay your hustle down and make your way out the hood
Ain’t nobody gon’ give no hand-outs, I swear
Ain’t nobody gon’ pay tha bills in your house, I swear
They don’t care, ya gotta stand on your own, my nigga
You ain’t no child, look in tha mirror, you’re grown, my nigga
Do yourself a favo

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4 Minutes – Juvenile F/ Hot Boys

[B.G] Nigga thuggin it’s in my blood in my genes
all the niggas I fuck with they bling bling.
V.L. is my block, my hood, my set nigga
Uptown is bout where you get put to the test nigga.
Best be bout unloadin a tec nigga
You better protect your head to your chest nigga.
I run with the killers,guerrillas and the headbustas
I grew up wit murderers and hustlers you can’t trust em.
I been cut throat niggas for a while now
I stay the tape in the room wit ballas who got boxed.
Birds to jiggas to ki’s to bricks whatever
Click Clack I got to have it no matter.
What.. the.. situation be
I’m bout my feddi my dollars my loot my grill my green.
U.P.T 13th and C.M.B
is what I represent for life and I’m H.O.T. (nigga)

Chorus: 4 minutes left

[Juvenile] This bitch off the hook,nigga never sleep this bitch full of crooks they hunt for the weekend.
Niggas coming home tryin hit em a lick
wanna bounce for a quarter ounce up to a brick.
Them old side niggas, the new side niggas
might get loaded what they do ride niggas.
They second line but right after it’s all over
the block party is off of washington to the magnolia.
They smokin weed, They slangin d, they sellin ki’s
while bitches shakin they ass in the middle the street.
They representin, they better be in they jeep
or niggas gone get mad and wouldn’t let you eat.
To belmont, 6th street, L.D
Full of streets robbin son and T.V.
It’s on fire from the war to cars
only ignorant muthafuckas wearin camoflauge

Chorus: 3 minutes left

[Lil Wayne] Nigga step down to nasty, filthy, dirty
HollyGrove Carrollton 17th ya heard me.
Need them birdies, you should see weezy
prices cheaper than the average ki’s be.
We be thuggas, stunnaz, hustlas,
kidnapp, muthas, rape with no rubbers.
What the hell? What is that I smell
i know it’s not a dead body by the canal.
My grill platinum, necklace platinum, rolex platinum,
Hot Boys ask em.
Blunts we pass em, guns we have em,
we do not flash em unless we goin blast em.
My clothes ree’s , t’s, girbauds
4-4’s semi-automatic calicoes.
Brrrrrp reload, chic chic explode
let it be told I from Hollygrove.

Chorus: 2 minutes left

[Turk] Plenty of diamonds on my rolex
2 karats on my finger 10 round my fuckin neck
It’s a must everyday that I keep my pockets fat
got so many haters that’s why i stay strap wit my gat I bust back back.
Leave yo bitch ass flat trust that if you play with me you dressin in black that’s a fact don’t make me clique up wit Kevin and
Ran Ran ya head you lose that aint no comin back i’m tellin.
Play with me if u want people goin be smellin you
make me pop the trunk 6 niggas will carry you
people don’t have no money they can’t bury you
don’t have no insurance you be in a freezer a week or two.
You brought that issue on yo self cousin
get it how u live it nigga when it comes cousin
gun i’ma peel it nigga you can’t run cousin
gun click get hit then u get stung cousin stung cousin

[talks til music fade]

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Ha (Hot Boys Remix) – Juvenile F/ Hot Boys

Hmm… You better run for it, run for it, run!
Run for it, run for it, run!
Run for it, run for it, run!

You been known for fuckin it up, ha
Them bad-ass 20’s on your truck, ha, cost seven and up, ha
You tryin’ to stay from out that place, ha
Make sure you got your money straight ha, before it’s too late ha
You want your Momma livin good ha
Move your children out the hood ha, to up in the woods, ha
Baby post seventy off the hook, ha
Manny Fresh has possession, supposed to be up in the book, ha
Juvenile got them looks, ha; but you too scared to fuck with him
cause he be runnin with them crooks, ha
I’m the one, ha
Stick a fork in that nigga cause he’s done, ha
for flippin the tounge, ha
You got a probation hole, ha
You got money for bail so now you ready to roll, ha
You bout to buy you a car ha, a ninety-nine ha
One that look somethin like mine ha

(Chorus 2x)
You a paper chaser, you got your block on fire
Remainin a G.. until the moment you expire
You know what it is.. to make.. nothin out of somethin
You handle your biz, and don’t be cryin and sufferin

We got this thing locked, ha
Cash Money can’t be stopped ha, them Hot Boys too hot, ha
And you like my Rolex watch, ha
And the way I hit the block ha, in camouflage with glocks, ha
And you like it when we stunt, ha
Smokin blunts, ha
You be lovin them gold fronts, ha
We millionaires, ha
Not far from billionaires, ha
Got different broads everywhere, ha

[Lil’ Wayne]
You heard ’bout Lil’ Wayne, H-O-T B-O-Y, ha
Shorty with the braids for Cash Money gon’ pop, ha-uh
I burn, ha, the hammer sits, ha, here come the blitz, ha
A remix, ha, they from the Nolia I’m from the Grove, ha
And you can catch me with Tolie and Mario, ha
I represent the 2.. uh 2-6, ha
It’s guaranteed to be… foolish, ha

Chorus (Repeat)

You niggaz know I’m bout my biz, ha
You niggaz scared for me to be in the presence of your bitch, ha
You know I would raw dick her ha, take naked pictures ha
then call up my clique and straight flip her ha
You know my click number-one stunters, ha
You know we ’bout it, flexin Lex’s, Benz’s, and Hummers, ha
You know you fuck with me, you’re dead, ha
But don’t lie, I fucked your baby-momma, and you feel played, ha
You know that jailhouse is somethin, ha
Bitch niggaz buckin, but when it go down, they run to the button, ha
You know the B.G. ain’t right ha; you love you hoe,
but she don’t wanna get it right, and keep it right, ha
It’s goin’ down in ’99, ha
You know fo’ sho’ that it Cash Money time to shine, ha
You know I play the game raw, ha
You know you slip up, I’ma take this beef shit too far, ha

Chorus (Repeat)

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Let’s say you’re at a DJ, and them boys pullin’ guns
You better run for it, run for it, run
You in the Magnolia, and my people pullin’ guns
You better run for it, run for it, run
Run for it, run for it, run
Run for it, run for it, run
We’ll grab the MAC-11 when we march, nigga, step
Fuck with CMR, we gon’ march, nigga, step
Play with Manny Fresh, we gon’ march, nigga, step
Play with my nigga, Baby, we gon’ march, nigga, step

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