Hot Boys

50 Shots Sets it Off – Hot Boys

You know me can’t get caught without my chopper
Lil’ weak wit 50 I’m itchin’ to see I got cha
B.G. labeled as a bust back nigga
Can’t let yo chrome put holes in me, fuck that nigga
If you don’t hit me up and I get another chance nigga
That’s dat ass nigga, and you could trust that nigga
I put it on my first bomb like 50 states
I got 50 rounds to split yo motherfucking grape
I hope you don’t think you could get away
because I ain’t gon let you get away
and you can ride deez

[Lil’ Wayne]
Load it up pull it back then aim
Bust and release 50 flame in hang
Bullets slang like crack cocaine
50 niggas always riding wit Lil Wayne
My rees string up bo’s fall halfway
I’m jumpin out a tree with a camoflouge AK
I spots my target and let’em go in the wind
Bullets fly by cha cha blow in the wind
One afta’ another and another
How they come slippin out the clips
see ’em flip and hm hum

You see how Hot Boys play it now
When we coming for yo issue wodie lay it down
cause if you don’t you done piss me clean off
Ya history dog believe 50 shots gone set it off
Me, Wayne, Juve, and Turk coming show you through
Four niggas with 50 shots that’s 200 at you

They burn ah ah on da real
They damage fa’ flip and turn ah
Face be on a bandana fa’
Niggas scattered like sand
Cause I got sluggs up in my hand
50 marching like a band
Niggas crumble like cans ah ah hold yo horses
I gotta K with 50 choices ah ah chose one
I set it off to bruise one

(Chorus) Set it off 50 shots gonna set it off (10x)

Killing you niggas ain’t no thang
I’m quick to let dat chopper rang
Beef keep frozen but when it melts
I do my thang 50 shots to set it off
Real quick bitch niggas get left
where they can’t be found fuckin with me
I got some niggas on my side that will ride or die with me
Craig, Ron, Randy a ride or die with me
They will bust a head with me from the scene they fled with me
My fucking rounds when I drawn down they gon draw down with me
I acts wild when I come through no time to watch out
50 shots with no doubt, blood gon’ rush out
Niggas could run up and get done up if they want
Think I’m gon’ hestiate nigga I won’t
I tear it down yo whole block
With the chopper chop down your whole spot
You thinkin I’m fake nigga you better not
50 shots to set it off, you get flopped off the top

(Chorus repeat)

Welcome to Magnolia norm soldier with bombs
Mama knew I would blow up cause calm for so long
For the present that be the evil, that got me bust’n at people
Fuck if this shit’s illegal, I gotta fix up my regal
For the shit that apply me, send apologies but I got 50 niggas
Loyal to die for me, look what the devil done to me
Runnig the beef under the streets
Na we each gotta knock of da leash
A bunch of empty shells
Walking no talking plot’n for power
Going riding in sour foe herion, rocks, powder
Tommorrow not promised
I got so much niggas behind us hungry peronas
with intensions of bein’ tymers
Fuck sitting around for the revolution to jump off
Look I’m bout my issues 50 shots gon’ set it off

(Chorus til end)

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Take It Off Your Shoulder – Hot Boys

I bust you in your motherfuckin mouth for talkin
The beast of beasts is in here, and 1 or us ain’t walkin
Hope you got your boys and you straped tight
Cuz this bout to be some shit you won’t like
Picture this, a fome hot, to your dome hot
I was a bitch before I drew down, now I got a new sound
You found a nigga that you though was a hoe
He’s probably from your family, you married the most
Who’s the B, whats the beef, my lady she’s pregnant
She’s already 5 months, so we lookin at oh 3
My baby bout to touch down, man I can’t do this with a frown
Bustin that niggas dick over my pops corner
All my people are probably wondering whats going on
Playin a chess game, gotta keep my eye on this mate
All the way from Adam and Eve, not fuckin Steve

I take It off your shoulder
Nigga I’m thuggin in the magnolia
You better do what I told ya
Unless you want to get fuck over

Watch yourself, it’s getting bad and dangerous
We makin niggas so it’s scared to hang wit us
We show them large and they stumble back
Ridin around every water in the chat
It used to be like that, till the driver drowned
Thats niggas is doctor p, knock the niggas door down
He hit his head on bed, 24/7
I gotta deal with these niggas and bitches till 2:11
What are them niggas that are duckin the law
Who them niggas who just shot up your car
What you call them niggas that are ready for war
What you call them niggas that go too far
Hot Boys running with kerosene running through everything
All the way to shit, you never seen
To Magnolia and back
Niggas talk bout me but then they never seen
Seeing them niggas in the cages, duckin stages, thinkin they courageous
I’mma bust you in the head, my enemies trying to fled
C-Murder trying to come up here and murder
Some motherfuckin claim to representin
He ain’t from the magnolia, so this shit ain’t reminiscin
This is my system
Like an addiction thats like fiction
My victums can’t see cuz they bitchin
Don’t worry, I’ll make them believers
When my blood pressure get high and over steamers
This week will not be cut
Cuz it’s in God we trust
You niggas trying to check wit us
We’ll make it so you respectin us


If I was in the dinker, I probably be dead right now
One of these niggas tried to bust my head by now
I’ll be ridin tonight, ain’t no survivin
Now I got my enemy drivin, and ain’t despising
This nigga be seeing the bright light
And when he gets in park, end his life
2 or my people, look nigga I’m planning
And when I see 200 keys of that sand
I’m a marked man, so I’ll put that shit in your hand
I’mma be shacollin, all my niggas ballin
Juve you buyed it
Wayne you buyed
Turk you buyed it
Slim you buyed it
Baby you buyed it
Fresh you buyed it
B.G., ballers you buyed it
You and you, you buyed it
This motherfuckin investigation on me?
Saying they got shit on me
I’mma be kissing these alligations
They tried to torture and question me at the police station
They keep playa hatin, they keep statin
Niggas gonna be waiting, fuck that, I’d rather take my chances
Bitch in a minute, I rearrange shit


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