Busta Rhymes

A Trip Out of Town – Busta Rhymes

[Busta Rhymes]
yo, it all began like, bust it
My nigga City bout to bounce on a trip
We met some niggas with alot of things they want em to flip
I told my nigga get the dough and keep the blau on your hip
Travel safe, you know that I’ma hold it down on the strip
Good lookin, word to mother son I give you my wit
But when I get back, I’ma bounce straight to your crib
On the strength, son slid until you to the Greyhound
Wit a burner in the knapsack, headed straight outta town
Now, three days pass I’m still on the strip
Doin hand to hand with twelve collapsible, stashable clips
With little magnets on the side of the clips we planted like a project
When police come we stick the clips in any metal object
Throwin a nigga on the walls and try to search me down
I laugh knowin that my stash’ll never be found
Well anyway, on the third day, son came straight to the strip
Wit a new floss and shiny shoes on the whip
My nigga hit me with the latest, greatest
He told me get inside the whip so I can know just what the up to date is
He said he fuckin wit some Guyanese niggas how ill them niggas is
What kind of dough they get, and how they handle they biz
How they connect with Jamaician niggas who speak American
And how they chains swung a medallion iced out pelicans
And how they stay wit four pounders
And speak American to try to blend in
Like they aint obvious out of towners
Okay, I’ve never heard of workers gettin five G’s pay
For trips that last for only 2-3 day
How these Guyanese niggas be eatin pasta but they love zucchini
Rockin valor tennis suits by Sergio Tecchini
Them type of cats that call you because you can’t call ’em
Rockin baseball fitters with wild animal skins on ’em
How they rock silks and tailor made pants
And get a matching bally shoe for the silk to step in the dance
Washrags hangin from every one of our back pockets
>From every fine wine to champagne them niggas’ll straight cop it
And set up shops in them neighborhoods that was residential
Rock laced whips while the workers’ll floss the latest rentals
How they fuck with arrogant bitches who act pussy
And love to hustle wit niggas and stash coke up in they pussy
After all of that I wanted ones
The way my nigga was talkin so next trip I went to bounce with son
So now we out of town with Guyanese cats
Up in they gates bubbling packages and layin wit gats
Shit was slow until the main fiend was offed
Just like a thief in the night
And spread the word that we was back with the white

“Ayo why don’t you tell that crackhead to close the fuckin door
and shut the fuck up”
“Yeah man and clean the motherfucking spot up, smell like…”
“Break the fuckin breakdown in the working city… yo go get the plates
and the gym star”
“Yo light that up, lemme hit that, gimme a light, yeah man cut that”
“Fuck this shit”

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, see how we blowin pa
The lookout niggas holdin fort like they was watchtowers
Buggin on how we went through, a half a brick every couple of hours
So on and so on, shit is good and we eatin
First nigga to short a package will catch the most brutal beatin
The whole town, see we now own it
Carryin on and blemishing all in the hearts of the best moments
We stackin cheddar now and shit is all clear
And we was growin as workin niggas wit aspiring ideas
We love to floss and the feeling of pushing chrome shit
But in the grand scheme these niggas’ll love to have they own shit
Now these niggas was really ready to swell up
We decided to separate from them niggas and make our shit develop
Off in to the wilderness of the wicked Husid
We set up shops and watched the games begin
So now we ballin like a motherfucker, money was sick
Gas on the cheddar and these bi

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Vibin (The New Flava) – Boyz II Men F/ Treach, Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes, Method Man

Verse One: Treach

Hey boo!
Yeah did you remember the tip of tender fender bender
from last September you let me enter the center
so we went through the Winter?
Then we had a little prob, now we let it solve
Now you think that you get robbed, if you’re givin bod
Well I’m stickin to the kitten cause it’s hittin
the only way I be splittin if you pick it for money and trick it
You wanna dip, this is the brick you pick
So you ain’t dismissed until both sets of lips kiss
It’s the mother number one the phunky Phillified
The chilly side, Boyz II Men and women with the illy vibe
So until it’s 9090
Just vibe with me and smile like your, wife behind me

Too high to get over (yeah yeah)
Too low to get under (yeah yeah)
Too high to get over (yeah yeah)
Too low to get under…
…army with harmony

Chorus: Boyz II Men

We’re just, vibin
Groovin, vibin
We’re just, vibin
Groovin, vibin

Verse Two: Craig Mack (Puff Daddy in the background)

[That’s right]
Just move it on down
And you came to feel the flav [Bad Boy, Bad Boy]
Haa! We just vibe to the beat [That’s right]
The Mackalicious funk flav [Gotta get the cash]
Ah one two y’all! [Gotta get, gotta get the dough]

Craig Mack’s got a lot in store for MC’s so please listen
Fake rappers stop booin and hissin
My shit’s the bomb, like nitroglycerin
Electrifying, if I said I wasn’t I’d be lying
On the fader, from here to Grenada
Dope demonstrater creator of the force like hey Darth Vader
You imitator, I’m greater than your data
MC’s run up so then they pack this doggie bag for later
I’m the, wisdom-mystical
Do your typical write rhymes get loaded take a miracle
to lyrical whip, the word dick on the side tip
Rhymes to flip, Hercules ain’t got a tighter grip
Whoever said that you couldn’t be beat? Well have a seat
Grab a spoon, taste some defeat
I shake MC’s down directly to the ground
Boyz II Men make the world go round

Chorus 2X

Verse Three: Busta Rhymes

How ya feel?
Party people, how ya feel?
Let me know if everything remains real!
Word up! Tell me how ya feel!
I feel good tonight, talk to me tell me how do ya feel
so that everything’s alright
Word is bond! Busta Rhymes keep it comin one time for your mind
Flip Mode y’all, yo

WHOOOO! That music feel my cool breeze
Make you bang your head from hear to overseas, now!
You feel the charge that we be generatin, conversatin
Always get taken by vibes that be penetratin
I make you feel the sensation like we come into
the last days of Revelation, sometimes that’s how we be vibin
Yes I’m gonna keep you smilin
Hit you then I take you on a ride just like Coney Island
One two three it’s simply you and me
While you listen I MC
Blow your mind and make you really want to par-ty
Ohh ohh! Take those bars and keep em swingin
Ohh! Sometimes it makes me want to start singin
But I keep on bringing …
… and swinging you better believe I keep your bells ringing
Feel the motion and the magic potion while we in the dancehall
With Boyz II Men we bring the universal vibe y’all!

Chorus 2X

Bring the universal vibe y’all
One time, Flip Mode is forever
Y’all get down and feel my thing
Guaranteed to make your fat butt swing
One time while I get on

Verse Four: Method Man

Here come that real rap shit
Criminology, yeah

I mentally stab your brain with the pain
While other brothers spit mad game I spit flames
You know my fuckin name, write joints with Mary J.
Johnny Blaze get methed right because it pays
Life insurance indeed as we proceed
To give the track menstraul cramps until it bleeds
Who the bad guy? It’s I, the chinky eye

Take It Off – Busta Rhymes

Take off your shoes
Make you dance in your socks
For blocks
Nigga be dippin a million.
What, hot!
Better pause and take a look.
There’s a whole lot of whores.
Run up in a storm.
Bitch a try to take you for yours for sure.

Word up yo!
And just get what you can.
Catch it, so just play it on a record
And take it off until you ass naked.

Word to mother.
Shorty stack like a horse.
Pushin a force.
Lookin to floss.
Diana Ross.

Flow better.
One of the biggest seller.
Tell me what ever.
Wether a nigga stack mozzarella

I’m a get ya.
I ain’t comin with ya.
Hit ya,
with another scripture
That will really split ya.
Make sure the fact you wack.
And we don’t need none of that.
Keepin it movin.
Now tell me, where my nigga’s is at?

Yo, from here to Brook.
Nigga’s is shook, look.
I make you sing the hawk
Shake your ass.
Wiggle your foot.
I make you


Shit so hot we make you.
Give me what you got nigga.
And we hit the right spot baby.
And everybody if you with me just
Shit so hot we make you
Give me what you got nigga
And when I hit the right spot baby
And if you with me everybody just

Wiggle and bounce baby.
More to the ounce baby
That’s what I be about baby.
Give me a shout baby.
All up in your body.
Whipping the mazorati
Through the city
With one of my hottie.
I’m on my way to the party.
Meet with my nigga Marty
And little and Colie Scotti.
Sippin Baccardi.
‘Till you know we whylin up everybody.
Whip about to cause.
All in the jam
Nigga’s whylin out at the bar.
We keep it movin
Every time yo. (ooh)
Shit that make your DJ
Spin it back 4 times yo.
Let it rain and let it drizzles
Heat in the club be makin you sizzle
All of the bitches right in the middle.
I make yall nigga’s smooth.
Making you sweat.
Making you get busy.
Got yall nigga’s loosin your breath.
So I started working this way.
Pass the sting rays.
See me Kunta Kintai.
Check the way me ringai.

Hey Mister DJ
Hit with a replay
Check it
Hey why you all in my face.
Give me some leeway.
Got you doin’ what we say.
Other nigga’s racin
And whylin all on a freeway
Rushin to get in a club
And get all up in the place
Get inside and see FLIPMODE in your face
Now let me take you nigga’s straight to the point.
Now get the party.
Radio be still bangin my joint.
Turn it up a little while I make you.


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Salute Da Gods!! – Busta Rhymes

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
The Anarchy, Busta Rhymes shit c’mon!

Chorus: Busta Rhymes

Ready for Busta Rhymes
He’s the one we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(I feel so fuckin good, my people!!)
Ready for Flipmode Squad
(So powerful!! So good today!!)
They’re the ones we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(Yeah!! Yeah, new “Rulership”!!)
Ready for Busta Rhymes
(It feels so fuckin good in my soul, come on!!)
He’s the one we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(I wanna see y’all; all my people if you feel good!!)
Ready for Flipmode Squad
(Just talk to me, c’mon, c’mon!!)
They’re the ones we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(Now!! Now, let me see y’all, so powerful!!)

[Busta Rhymes]
All praise due, we comin through real hard
Niggaz raisin they right hand, salutin da God
Yo, like a burnin sensation of Henny on the first sip
Hot shit my nigga; let me spit a verse quick
Work shit inward, until my niggaz hurt shit
and plot elaborate schemes for monies niggaz worship
Beautiful like the pleasure of when I burst my first clip
at a nigga who sold me a brick that wasn’t WORTH shit
Yo, we BOMB shit, fire alarm shit
with my bitches who take packages under they armpit
Now, we remain the +Imperial+ live niggaz
who consistantly blackout and rep for them wild niggaz
Yo, you incompatible, snatch yo’ collateral
Gun blunt you, and rep for every thug capital
Diagonal vision, niggaz seein shit on slant
Plant beatings on niggaz and celebrate a war chant
Diabolic how we manifest raw logic
Chronological time, we bring niggaz the raw project
Hold fort and represent as the grand wizard
Street chronicle illustrate the bakin of a bad blizzard
I got a spot for ya,
with live niggaz who murder sloppier
than ALL of the Trenchcoat Mafia yo
Cause when you hear the sweet music playin
It’s like theme music for murder scenes
like the Colorado slayin – cause I don’t give a fuck
Speedin like we racin on the Aqueduct
Black tinted-out, government truck
Curbside on niggaz, leanin just a little bit
Trunk trapped with smoke, my bitch’ll take a little hit
Fake niggaz could be the BEST actors
My bullets whiz so fast you feel the WINDSHIELD factors
In the wrong place you get your WIG peeled backwards
Get an ounce of the ‘dro and STEAM a pack of Blackwoods

Chorus: Busta Rhymes

Ready for Busta Rhymes
He’s the one we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(Yeah, yeah, just feel what I feel niggaz!!)
Ready for Flipmode Squad
(Yeah, just reach up and just touch the sky niggaz!!)
They’re the ones we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(Now, hah, yeah, I try so hard,
to just share that shit that I’m feelin!!)
Ready for Busta Rhymes
(All my niggaz just talk to me!!)
He’s the one we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(So powerful!! Flipmode Squad now!!)
Ready for Flipmode Squad
(Yeah, new “Rulership,”
all my niggaz just walk in line!!)
They’re the ones we’ve all, been waiting for, forever
(Walk in line with me!! Talk to me now!!)

[Busta Rhymes]
We are now in the current state of the Anarchy
We fight, to survive niggaz
We fight, to rule our own government
We livin in a current state, of no fuckin government
Niggaz don’t even know how to follow they own spirit
Lost niggaz..
Unsure niggaz, insecure niggaz
Fuck that! Salute, all our motherfuckers!!
All my niggaz ready to hold it down on the front line!!
We survived it niggaz, two-thousand
Time for the new bloodline to run shit
Enjoy the album

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C’mon All My Niggas, C’mon All My Bitches – Busta Rhymes

All my niggas in the place
What now
Talk to my bitches
All up in the place
See my niggas
They be laying all up in the cut now
I’ma doing my thing
And blow the spot baby
Maybe bust a little nut now
Funny how the older bitches get familiar
And try to give a nigga just a little butt now
Sing along
(Smoke now, nigga get high)
And get all in this money nigga
(Before we die)
Bitches let me know that you up in the spot
(Whoop whoop wooo)
All of my niggas just shout it at me (Yeah yo)
Even though it’s kind of ill
Nigga follow the flow
Nigga wanna know where we shine
Try’na ball and glow
Watch for the sound round
When I swallow the dough
I’ma do it to ya
Like I never did it before
Now let me give it to you
(Flipmode Squad baby)
Now what the fuck y’all niggas wanna know about the
(God baby)
Then I jump right out of the whip
And I park it
My pinky gleam
Like a motha fuckin’ third of the Antarctic
Everybody get wild in the spot
All my niggas just pile in the spot
It’s such a shame
Somebody might just lose they child in the sky

C’mon all my niggas C’mon (What)
My niggas that be reppin’ with me (What)
My niggas that be holding me down (Ha hooo)
And high steppin’ with me (What)
C’mon all my bitches C’mon (What)
My bitches that be reppin’ with me (What)
My bitches that be holding me down (Whoop whoop woo)
And high steppin’ with

Tell me what you niggas really wanna do
C’mon now (Excuse me)
We coming through
C’mon now
Hit you with the brand new
When I’m bumping
You don’t need to ask who
Nigga please (C’mon now)
Where the trees (C’mon now)
When I’m bouncing
And hit you with the flow
Then I make you just act a fool
One two (One two)
Wild like another mad nigga
To be ready to back it too
Here we go (Here we go)
A lot of motha fuckas
They ain’t even got a clue
C’mon now
Let me school y’all niggas permanently
Like a motha fuckin’ tattoo
C’mon now
Hey (Hey)
Hey (Hey)
You know you shouldn’t (Try it)
My nigga
Before we do shit to (Start up a riot)
Everytime we come through
All the bitches shout (Whoop whoop woo)
All of my niggas shine if you ready (Yeah yeah)
Let me blow for a few
Nigga C’mon
Bounce in the street
With the heat stashed under the seat
In a Range that’s blue nigga (C’mon)
Cats like you be searching the crib
All the weakling niggas in your crew nigga (C’mon)
Everytime a nigga come step in the spot
Y’all niggas know we come to blow the venue nigga (C’mon)
But wait
Guess what (Guess what)
Flipmode to the rescue nigga (C’mon)
Y’all (Y’all)
Know (Know)
When we put it down
Niggas really wanna blow this shit (Shit)
It’s (It’s)
Like I got a grenade in my hand
And you know I wanna throw this shit (Yo)
Everybody get stuck in the spot
You don’t really give a fuck in the spot
Better watch your whip
Because they might just tow your truck from the spot

C’mon all my niggas C’mon (What)
My niggas that be reppin’ with me (What)
My niggas that be holding me down (Ha hooo)
And high steppin’ with me (What)
C’mon all my bitches C’mon (What)
My bitches that be reppin’ with me (What)
My bitches that be holding me down (Whoop whoop woo)
And high steppin’ with me

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