Slip N Slide Express

Take It To Da House – Slip N Slide Express

I admire you guys’s site for having so many songs by so many artists but I can tell you just guessed on some of the lyrics and some of your guesses are pretty pathetic. In this song, you really killed Money Mark, Trina, and CO’s parts. You also killed the chorus.

Money Mark
“Let Money Mark get off in your derriere… hit me up,…”

“And T double D, he off in that (Ford) Excursion, swerving all on the curb wit a virgin….”

“Niggaz recognize, hoes do too, when I creep through the room with this slip n slide crew…Tre+ and we runnin this still, Funk Boogie, spin the wheel.”

It’s “305, take it to the house”, not “we on fire”. Slip n slide is from Miami, Miami’s area code is 305,… put two and two together.

By admin on October 7, 2013 | T Song Lyrics | A comment?