Puff Daddy

Pain – Puff Daddy

[Puff Daddy In Child’s Voice]
Uncle Puffy can you read us a bedtime story?
Please huh please?

[Puff Daddy]
Alright check this out right here…

Woke up smoked up broked up
What I had left and rolled up lit it
Had a shorty that I brought home hit it
Sent her on her way I got no time today
With all this work I got no time to play
Cash come and go and I want mine to stay
Alot of these fake cats won’t mind the day
I get an unfair play then the stairway
That’s why I’m like TWA, the airway
Niggas wantin to believe what they heard through hear say
Hopin I’ll forget it
Check the mail it’s a letter from jail from Hobokken
I opened and I read it it said:

What da deal son?
It’s ya nigga Teals in the field in this beel son
I’ma have to feel one
On the run with a gun, can’t walk with it down and can’t conceal one
What to do?
I dont’ know if ya knew
A kid, true, up in 1-2-2 he plottin to get you
Now here’s due
You just do what need doin
Let’s not forget these niggas be bleedin’ too , one

OK good
Those cats don’t keep it real as they should
Heard they don’t pay good
Standing around all day wishin they could
But this green fufills they dreams
They ain’t a team
Answering machine on screen
Phone rings, it was Alene from Queens
Head was mean
Had a head for skeems
Told her she could head the scene
But she played her hand proper now you can’t stop her

Hey yo what up Playboy?
I’m out in Saint Croix
Whats up cats say they real, but they toys
I heard ya doin’ it though
And you and ya flow
Some niggas wanna ruin ya show?
What up yo?
Whathca wanna rip shop up on his block?
Or I could leave him dead in his bed with his dick robbed

[Puff Daddy]
Na Boo, I’ma show you how I do
Just hit me when you get up top
Or come one through

Now I’m doin inventory
Guns, clips, vest, bullets
So when I pull it it’s the end of story
Leavin my men in glory
Then get shorty to hold a pound for me
I know she down for me
Yeah, sneak up on em like a car theif
These niggas mad cause it’s my party
And my Benz is wide-bodied
Despise me, like the feds despise Godi
I kill for a hobby and latenly lobby
So try me, go ‘head and take a bite
Might as well say good night
Try to put me in the dark, I don’t take it light
Now if it’s wrong make it right
Not tommarow, tonight
They barkin I know the bite
Jumped in the B-N-Z
Niggas gonna see the E-N-D
Fuckin with me
See I knew he was a snake out the ground
Make me wanna call my man rock and break out the hounds
Take it to the pier where you can’t make out the sounds
Thoughts in my head goin ’round
It’s goin down
Pull up to his block, I’ma put it to his knock
But, I don’t see him, wouldn’t wanna be him
Damn, ride around for a minute
Thinkin bout the pain that Hell brings
Interupted by a cell ring
Yeah yeah…

(Hey Boo come and get me I’m here)

Give me a few
It was like I flew
Felt kinda strange it was like I knew
Pulled up around 2, late like I do
With the urge to bug, she gave me a nervous hug
And when I heard the slugs
What I saw on the blur was thugs
Tryin to soak my fur with blood
Dropped to the curb and ducked
Pulled out the fifth up behind the car like
“How I’m gon’ get out this shit?”
These niggas don’t know what they about to get
A one way ticket to Hell my gun dealt
Bust my gun at three and one fell
The other two, waitin’ to see what I’ma do

[Men’s Voice In Backround]

[Puff Daddy]
Peeped around the car slowly
Then I let ’em have the whole week
Man there’s six million ways to die
And you chose me
But I’m an OG
And in the distance is police <

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P.E. 2000 (Spanish Version) – Puff Daddy

[Hurricane G]
Mira Puffy oyeme papito
Yo estoy cansada de este hijo de su madre hablando mientra
Tantos envidiosos tu le tiene que ensenar como hecho pan
Yo choque con uno hesteroso en la calle
Que estaban diciendo que tu creyes que eres el jefe de ellas
Y yo les dijo Ha tru mano
El es el enemigo numero uno del publico
Haci que darle pa’lante con mucho energia
Y que se hogan

Para todo mis quereros, Latinos caldenos
Enfermo con dinero
A saloman un grita
Viva Bad Boy familia
Yo soy ese negrito, el mas querido por mis enemigos
Yo celebro con los anteojitos(?)
Por que traigo mi estilo rico de carito
Representando con mis heridos
So mandame dicho si tu quieres guerra
A mi no me tumbas de la tierra

Yo soy el campeon, don Conteri, tu corazon

[Hurricane G]: (Puffy):
One, one, one, one
(Numero uno del publico)
One, one, one, one
(Yeah P Diddy, espanol)
One, one, one, one

Primo que te pasa contigo
Por que tu creas en mi enemigo
Por que soy un milianaro
Tengo los mejores carros
Y yo ando
Come eres caribenas
De estrellas y muy bellas
Bomba, tu mini falda
Le ando y toca esa nalga
Tampoco tengo soldados con almas
Que inspitan gangas
Y no le dan nada
Escojelo con camas
Y tranquilo aqui yo
Delegido en vivo
El scenario siempre va a ser mio

[Hurricane G]: (Puffy):
One, one, one, one
(Numero uno del publico)
One, one, one, one
One, one, one, one
(I like this one right here)

Oh I am supposed to speak Spanish
Check this out
Otro unosticia, envidia
Te lo digo esta limita
Esto no es un juego por tu sero
No producer dinero puedo ser muerto
Puff que no hay que me doquen
Que me oyen en el radio con este jote
Yo no precupe, soy puro
Y yo amo todo mi publico
Ha tru mano de un anillo de Jesus
Brillando en la luz
Como mucho lujo y mucho jugo
Y te lo juro, yo te busco
En el nuevo milenium
Y muevo como lo viento
Representando en cual quier pueblo
Hasta luego y punto
Papi chulo conquistando el mundo

[Hurricane G]: (Puffy):
One, one, one, one
One, one, one, one
One, one, one, one
(Yeah Hurricane)

[Hurricane G]:
Yeah asi mismo papito, solo que yo estoy diciendo
Tu les tiene que ensenar que a esos
Quien maman huevos como es que va anda, tu sabes
Por que yo se que estan hablando mientras
Hablando de lo que tiene uno
Pero que no tiene ellos, tantos habladores
Consterozos que son un poquito malo
Quieren guerra, pues toman un guerra man, go
Bad Boy del corazon

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P.E. 2000 – Puff Daddy

A yo Puff check this out I’m tired of fuckin’ dictating on these
mutherfuckers lets take it to the next millennium on these niggas
you got to keep bubblin’ on em platinum doublin’ on em fuck
these niggas A yo I bumped into these cat an’ they was like
“Yeah what up wit that nigga Puff he swear he nice ” I said yo
he don’t swear he nice he knows he nice.
You Public Enemy number one right now fuck that dash spit
that hydro-ghetto shit,

Lets go,
thats that beat right here
who should I fear
throw your hand in the air
socialise, get down, let your soouulll lead the way
cause i’m that enemy that you can’t see
who you wanna be, you ain’t shit to me
It ain’t hard for you to get to me
playa, my own dogs, they’ll spit fo me
so if you want whats mine, you gots to have the heart
I’ve seen em come and i’ve seen em part
If you ain’t want beef then why did you start?
Front from the light catch shots after dark
suffer duck or you’ll catch these
on the spot, red dots make em all believe
ain’t nobody kicking the rhymes like these
see I do the things that they can’t achieve
so don’t start bassin’ an’ i’ll start pacing
bets on that you’ll be discracing
more hotter than the sun,
I’m living on the run
because i’m Public Enemy number one

Chorus (singing with beat scratching in the background)

one, one, one one,
one, one, one
one, one, one

let me ask you, what you got against me?
is it my girl or is it the Bentley?
is it my house? or maybe its all three
I just came up and you’re all against me
now ask yourself, why is he number one?
now ask yourself, who’s done what he’s done
then ask yourself, you’re fifth of the long run
you think its a game cause you fucked the wrong one
always with God and I don’t swing solo,
never back down when I got a throw dolo
wanna see me out, but I just won’t go though
pretty young thing wanna have my photo
one in the room hangin’ on the wall
in rememberance that I rocked them all
got no time for those that think small
grill me in the club cause they can’t ball
hate shot callers,
hate them ballers,
back in control now I call orders
it’s no fun fleeing under the gun,
because they got me Public Enemy number one


All you suckers, liars,
caught at the fires,
wanna infiltrate and break my empire
I spit lines, hit rhymes, keep dimes sweating
giving them the juice thast their not gettin’
a bonafide playa, now who got the flavour
a non-stop, rhythm rock poetry sayer
I’m the life saver, the New york mayor
before you try me, you better say your prayers
my word to the wise is “Do not cry,”
you know that i’m gone then say don’t die
I take what I find, put a beat to they rhyme
thought it was over but I crept from behind,
wanna try to stop me from speaking my mind
almost 2000 and running out of time
almost to the point when I wanna bust nines
a lot of straight faces, I can only trust mine
soldiers in positions, all on the front line
don’t make a move till I give them the sign
known as the poetical, lyrical miracle son
because i’m Public Enemy number one


Yeah yeah, thats right Puff, Thats what i’m talking about love,
sparklin’ and glisten on thes mutherfuckers, these niggas talkin’
foul like, talking about what you got and what they ain’t got,
they wanna bring you down.

(beat fades)

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