Noreaga F/ Maze

Noreaga F/ Maze – Da Story

It was, four in the mornin got a call on the cell
What the hell, you niggaz just shot at?
Yo they missed her, blazed most fired pistols
Now it’s our turn, to play calypsos
Yo, me and you, meet me by the two
A war goin on, that’s involvin the crews
Bring both your arms, Rel and Moose down in St. John’s
I wish my nigga was home, the black Fonz
Yo we rock charms as big as Vegas
Different crews of different size try to player hate us
Top of the league like Bulls and y’all cats is Lakers
Trash since Magic left, but he was the greatest
Aiyyo we call Shan, yo Shan peace God
You and Maze got the info?
Them cats that tried to shoot Moose’s hitmen yo?
A nigga named Ricky, from the Bronx, cold wop city
Thugged out, shoot his gat mad sickly
I laid low, called Big Pun and Fat Joe
Them niggaz my click, we three amigos — they said
that they knew the cat, exactly where he live at
And when I get there, just blaze God and don’t look back
Cause Ricky got no kids and no wifey
So when I get there God it’s like more than likely
There’s Ricky like Ricardo, plus Renaldo
So when I get there, take the coat, plus the cargo, what?

Chorus: Maze

We strong-arm, blazin firearm long kong
When the beef come niggaz storm on
(repeat 2X)

Yo like a day pass, I’m bandana’d up with a mask
Just shot up the whole spot, crib to grass
Pissed in his toilet, on his walls, in his halls
Cut Ricky from his neck to his balls
Anyone can bust a gun and stab a nigga is real
Cause you gotta have the guts for the way that it feels
Word got back, them niggaz said Ricky a rat
All that, coke we took yea we cooked the crack
The police don’t really want us, they want the coke back
It’s impossible, just ask the word by the hospital
Across from the mall right in Hoffman Park
It’s in tennis bags, guarded by a hundred Iraqs
Yo we swerve low, beside the Jake, there go, Roberto
The brother of Ricky, he ‘posed to be wild, it’s gettin deep
How he knew where I’m at, how he knew how I eat?
The fools pulled out, no doubt, Roberto grabbed the sick ?
We hit the spot, then we hopped in the whips
Now it’s a chase on the highway, the L-I-E’s
Yo them fools ?, niggaz drive by me
Iraq banner, not he, ? aqui


Aiyyo we just crashed into the pole, now we roll
another Dutchie, calm down and stroll
on foot, my whole click, got control
of the whole output, now we roll
Yo any nigga be a man for a minute y’know
Then he, turn around once he know you got dough
It’s like a cycle, that read psycho, man in the mirror
like Michael, my whole click down to snipe you
Since then, Roberto had beef, with melanin men
Every nigga he hate, was darker than him
Older niggaz than him, stay buggin on him
Tellin him he weak, he ain’t touch my skin
But once again CNN prevail, tho-rough
Cause even the G-est don’t really understand Hell
I did this, from Iraq, to livin the cell
So y’all niggaz know, what? Meet you back in Hell what?

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Noreaga F/ Maze, Musolini – Da Hustla

Niggas might as well (Yeah!)
niggas might as well fuck with me anyway
I got that fire green ha (Haaaaa!)

Verse 1:Noreaga

The way I rhyme sometimes,is reflect my style
When I speak to hoes, Yo i always be foul
Ask em do they suck dick, can they ride me wild
Here’s the day, sit down, lay down,Joe Brown
Here go the low down
Niggas just need to slow down
Melvin what! Yo from as good as it gets
Ya know now, need to slow down, nigga hold down
Flip from Larry, Ya know I hail with my marry
Holla when you hear me, respect me or fear me
Love me or hate me, but you gotta just hear me
Listen to superthug, listen to sometimes
Listen to halfbaked, and listen when thugs rhyme
I aint the best yet, but i’m next in line
It’s like rhyme and reason, but my reason at rhyme
It’s like rhyme and reason, but my reason at rhyme
It’s like rhyme and reason, but my reason at rhyme


I’m just a hustla doin what the hustla’s do
I’m just a hustla hustlin with my hustlin crew
I just hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle

Verse 2: Noreaga

yo, I buy twenty for ten dollars, sell it for thirty
take that thirty dollars and I just buy four grams
take that two grand, take like four of my mans
go down to main street then wastelands
whut up, china man, china man, need some coke?
his girl do the wild thing like she know tone loc
she be shakin her ass and love to smoke
let her hit the weed, yo hit the weed
let her hit the weed til she ready to go
I roll a philly skinny, and you know I got plenty
conservitive thug like i’m holdin a penny
jenny craig or jenny jones but bitch it’s jenny
i’m like nore springer, no ring on my finger
in and out of cells like a bell ringer
i’m like hip hop yall niggas is rap singers
and I hate yall you get the middle finger

Chorus 2x

Verse 3: Maze

Yo yo, now when my pen glow, there’s no stoppin my zone
and while yall niggas clone, everything i’m spittin is shown
in my life even now and before
I did us all, the crystal ball in front of me say stay hungry and raw
I pop everything three’s, from my shell to my bottoms
i’m aware, when you shinin niggas watch you
I walk these ??conple?? stones alone shit is hostile
apostle in this grown and known from my eyes view

Verse 4: Musolini

Comin out the hood, we aint have to many choices to live
niggas hustled tryin to duck bids we learned as kids
how to sell drugs, cook grams, and get dubs young thug
snake niggas aint got no love
the same way I pump packs
the same way i spit on these cats
the same way it reflect in my raps
let the dro blow, holdin the fo fo, like BIG kickin in the doe yo
find me with Maze on doe low!

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